Monday 22 February 2016

RAW Pressery, Mumbai

Cold-Pressed Juices.

I have no idea what it means. Sure, I can google it all and understand the technical part. But I already know what is the important part. It IS Good For Our Bodies.

Sorry for a little detour but I have to include a little health lesson here. About 3 years ago,I was diagnosed with severe Vitamin D & some important minerals deficiency when I went for my annual health checkup. Now, I had an unfortunate accident about 5 years ago which led to a long bout of feeding very strong medicines to my body which led to this little health catastrophe,so I had an excuse. BUT this led me to a nutritionist and we got talking and she assured me that even seemingly healthy people nowadays are often diagnosed acutely deficient in many important minerals and vitamins. Reasons? Of course,we all know that. Our lifestyles are terrible, we don't exercise enough, we eat junk food all the time etc. etc. But what about people who eat very strict healthy food,loads of veggies and fruits and STILL fall sick? Well, we are not eating the right kind of food AND we do not take the changing soil composition and such external factors in consideration. A 100 years ago, we would get enough minerals and vitamins in our diet but today, the soil has become so depleted in minerals (thanks to soil erosion and blasting chemical pesticides) that it is not transferring that same level of nutrition to our modern foods! So today we all NEED to think very carefully about our diets. 

THIS is where cold pressed juices come in the picture. They possess a large quantity of essential nutrients needed for our well-being which we often do not get from our regular diets. We can juice several veggies and fruits at home to get delicious drinks/ smoothies and use the left-over to make fibrous snacks too. But then again, not everyone has the time to do that (blame the 21st century horrible jet-setting lifestyle!) So I was introduced to Raw Pressery by my nutritionist. These are brilliant little bottles of health and vitality. Apple, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Carrot, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Almonds and so on, in several permutations and combinations. Trust me, it all tastes utterly refreshing. I have tasted almost every variant and my absolute favorites are SHIELD which is tangy, GLOW which is so cool and FLUSH which has a full-bodied taste,like red wine :) My sister loves TRIM which has Kale, Spinach, Celery, Ginger, Lemon -> all ingredients that she would never eat in a million years but since they are so choc-a-bloc with good nutrients,she gulps this down without protesting :) One would think that anything with Kale + Spinach would taste horrible but it doesn't! 

Just had their latest offering Pomegranate and loved it. Putting it in my list of favorites too from now on :)

If left to my own devices, I know that I will never have the time or inclination to go shopping for Kale, Celery and a 1000 ingredients and then search for various recipes to use them. It is so much convenient and healthy to just get a bottle of Raw Pressery. This is of course its only drawback too. It comes at a hefty price tag of Rs. 150 per bottle. 4 people in an average family, 4 bottles per day equals Rs. 600! So I just buy 1 variant every 3-4 days and share it with my sister :) It also comes with no preservatives so needs to be gulped down within 2-3 days (always look at the expiry date while buying!) But then again, it is about health and purity, so I guess it will always be a question of how much is it worth to spend to get good health? :) I know that Raw Pressery is something to instantly refresh and rejuvenate myself and my family. It is an indulgence but I am hopeful that some day soon, the prices will go down as more people come to know of this brand. Absolutely recommended!

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