Monday, 22 February 2016

Dunkin' Donuts & More, Khar, Mumbai

Just another lazy Friday morning when I had some work in Khar and needed a place to sit for some time waiting for a friend. Spotted this cheerful outlet of Dunkin' Donuts & More and decided to try it out. I am not a big fan of fast food, the reason being I overdosed on McDonald's burgers & happy meals in college (thanks to long evenings spent doing group projects) and now my system is just sick and tired of burgers/milkshakes/fries. I hardly ever have them (maybe once every 6 months!) and I enter McD, Burger King, other such places only when I have friends with me who badly crave a burger or I have some time to kill (usually waiting for friends who end up craving burgers) :D So here I was,with some time to kill waiting for a friend who invariably would have ordered for a burger and I spotted Dunkin' Donuts. Providence!

Very energetic, funky, cool ambiance welcomes everyone, loads of young couples on almost every table just enhance the vibe. Photographers and Selfie Lovers will love posing against the walls covered with peppy art and the lovely lamps. Menu has a wide variety of Donuts, Burgers, Coffee. There are some unique Donuts,personalized as per Indian tastes. I got a Motichur Donut for my mom and she liked it a lot. It was a basic Donut generously covered with Motichur Laddoo bits, how innovative :) I ordered for a Cappuccino with extra caramel and it turned out pretty tasty just as expected (AND came in a huge cup,yummmm :D). My friend later on had a hot chocolate and loved it too. It is a nice place to just curl up with a good book in a corner with a cup of coffee, a Donut and maybe a burger to give us company :D Yeah, why worry about calories :P 

The staff was very swift, efficient and polite. I am sure the burgers are great too but I had just had one a couple of days earlier so my next burger treat will arrive only after 4-5 months. Maybe then I will visit a Dunkin' Donuts to grab a burger and update this post with how that tasted :) As of now, I will recommend this place for those looking for a good hang out place to chill with loved ones or a good book in hand.

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