Thursday 11 February 2016

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 - Part 2

As always,the magnificence of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is impossible to be described in just 1 post :) Catch a few glimpses HERE and come back to douse yourself in some more awesomeness here :) I wish I could create something half as amazing as these artists have done! 

Yet another Kala Ghoda (Literally,Black Horse)...Reminds me of the Trojan Horse in Troy :)

Lord Ganesha at Kala Ghoda! Lord Ganesha, yup, LORD The Ganesha :)

Aha, There is no dearth of hard hitting questions here :)

As always,it is the Children's Corner at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival that always wins over my heart with all the colors and peppy vibe :)

Boundless Creativity! What an inspiration :)

Also,if this post inspires you to explore Kala Ghoda a bit more, then do browse through THIS :)


  1. So much talent and creativity out there, huh?!

    1. Indeed! Kala Ghoda is Mumbai's annual creativity fiesta :) And to think some of this is created by kids aged 5-10! There really is no limits to imagination...


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