Thursday 14 June 2018

Tiara Restaurant & Bar - Meluha The Fern, Powai, Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review | Family Favorite Dining Destination

Tiara is hands down one of my family's most favorite dining destinations in Mumbai. I have been here with my family as well as my friends, on separate occasions, for lunch and dinner buffets and never once been disappointed on any front.

The spacious Tiara restaurant & bar is located on the ground floor of Meluha The Fern, Powai, with classy and classic decor, just some splashes of bright artwork on a dominant white canvas. The bar area is specially beautiful while the buffet spread (for both lunch and dinner) has something for everyone. Service is superb and we would give 5 stars for every staff member here, including the Executive Chef himself, as they make every guest feel treasured. 

Last weekend, my sister and I were caught in heavy monsoon showers and landed here as last-minute guests quite close to the closing time of dinner buffet. They could have easily declined to accommodate us and they would be absolutely right in doing so. Yet, to our pleasant surprise, they went out of their way to help us feel welcome, brought out customized dishes and basically made us feel special :) 

For BEVERAGES, we just told the staff our preferences and they made the best drinks. I would specially recommend their WATERMELON BLOSSOM, it was refreshing to the core. My sister loved her FRUIT PUNCH and tangy CHAMPAGNE based drinks. Basically, just trust the bar staff, they are expert wizards.

Starting with the huge buffet, they keep changing the dishes regularly keeping the concept exciting. There are different live counters every week, sometimes it is chaat, sometimes it is parathas, sometimes choley bhature, sometimes dosa and so on. In non-vegetarian too, they keep a variety of meats in Oriental, Indian, Continental sections. And not only that, we loved the fact that they keep refreshing the buffet containers with fresh food every hour. At any point, the staff is also more than eager to get personal requests from the guests as the Chef is more than happy to make special dishes for us!

For STARTERS, Chef sent for us especially made-

>> Paneer-Nacho-Salsa bites = This was heavenly. Think of saucy, spicy, tangy and a little bit sweet flavors, all together with paneer and nacho chips at bottom. Little bites of heaven.

>>  Indian twist on Schezwan Dumplings = Basically think of mini version of south Indian vadas completely covered in spicy schezwan sauce, fried and dipped in herbs and condiments. It was fiery and good.

>> Indian twist on Tacos = Our very own Papad boats (taco shaped) with guacamole, cucumber, onions, tomatos (Indian kachumbar salad style), it was fresh, cooling, I LOVED it.

The SALAD section looked extra tantalizing, we absolutely LOVED-
>> Two Cabbage Salad (crunchy, a bit tangy)
>> Zucchini Salad (My Favorite, wholesome),
>> Greek Salad (Fresh, cooling),
>> Creamy Potatoes and Olives ( The BEST, had 2 servings of these),

Alongside there was a complete spread of various kinds of BREADS, including very healthy multigrain loaves, each one fragrant. Not to forget CHEESE PLATTER and nuts to cleanse the palate. 

There was a LIVE PARATHA COUNTER with Aloo, Pyaz, Cheese, Lachcha and such varieties. I had Aloo one and it was perfect.  

The MAIN COURSE section was full of regular suspects, it all tasted good-

>> Veg Dry Fruits Pulao (I loved it, had a homely feel),
>> Dal Masaledar (went well with pulao),
>> Paneer Anardana (a bit too much masala, but paneer was extremely soft),
>> Kofta Curry ( authentic, flavorful),
>> Dum Aloo
>> Noodles (EXCELLENT, not over-oily, not soggy, just the right amount of delicious and crunchy)
>> Veg Buddha's Delight (soya sauce based exotic veggies gravy went perfectly with noodles)
>> Variety of Indian breads (Naan, Kulcha) made to order, baked to perfection.

Special mention to CURD RICE, DAHI VADAS and accompanying SWEET-TANGY TAMARIND CHUTNEY that we couldn't get enough of. 

Finally, after bulking up like Hulk, it was time to enjoy the DESSERT spread, we had and simply loved-

>> Madhur Milan (Boondi + mini Gulab Jamuns, what can be better?!)
>> Rasmalai Rabdi (SPECTACULAR, had 3 servings of these!)
>> Mango Pastry (my FAVORITE, soft, spongy, very mildly sweet, felt natural and fresh)
>> Apple Jelly (Another quite mild dessert, very sublime apple flavor, not artificially sweet),
>> Chocolate Pastry (as expected, creamy, good)

There were a couple of more pastries but I was too full to try anything else, my sister tried them and said they were bland, so maybe that can be improved. 

Finally, we had VANILLA, STRAWBERRY and CHOCOLATE ice creams to end our magnificent meal. All ice creams were smooth and creamy, not an icy chunk in sight. Happy tummies all around :)

So, Delicious Food? Check.
Warm & Serene Ambiance? Check.
Superlative Service? Check.
Easy on the pocket considering all parameters? Check.

Literally, excellence all around, making Tiara at Meluha The Fern, Powai, one of the must-visit restaurants in Mumbai :)

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