Thursday 31 December 2015

Cake Me Away, Lower Parel, Mumbai

For someone like me, who has a complete sweet jaw and not just a sweet tooth, any occasion to indulge in cakes/ pastries/ chocolates is a day in heaven. So when my sister decides to order in some delicious cakes from Cake Me Away, who was I to say no :D

It wasn't a special occasion or anything,but we had a possibility of a few guests coming over,so decided to have a good desserts back up just in case. Had been hearing about 'Cake Me Away' from some of my friends for some time, so a good chance to try it out just popped up!

The menu is choc-a-bloc with options. Chocolate cakes, Fresh Cream cakes, Fruit cakes, Mousse cakes, Brownies, Muffins, Cookies and what not! Quite an extensive spread this. We zeroed down on a Royal Chocolate cake (touted as a bestseller) and a Blueberry cake, balancing both mine as well as my sister's choices :D I always deviate towards chocolate while she is more of a fruity person. 

Ordered via foodpanda and delivery was done within 40 minutes,packaged perfectly. Both of them looked scrumptious to say the least. Royal Chocolate design reminded me of Zebra Torte cakes at many places (and yes,I have had cakes from many places :P). Now, what we love to do is,put the cakes in refrigerator the moment we get them and have them about an hour or two hours later. We just love having them cold, the cream takes on a different texture that is my personal favorite, it also helps us figure out if the cakes have a soggy bottom! But the Royal Chocolate looked so enticing,I just couldn't help myself from having some right then and there :D

Every mouthful was luscious chocolate, dark and divine. Absolutely loved it and I have no doubts that it is a bestseller. 

We kept the blueberry cake in the refrigerator and had it about 3 hours later. It was not soggy at all, which is my main concern with a lot of fresh cream or fruit based cakes. There were these delightful pieces of blueberries popping in as a surprise in every slice. It was dense and even though usually I am not into fruit based or fresh cream based cakes, I had more than 1 slice, so a job well done on this front too. Obviously,my sister could not stop eating it :D

So,in a nutshell, the cakes from Cake Me Away looked good, tasted delicious and very reasonable on pocket too. These two half kg cakes each set my wallet back by just about Rs. 800. Really really recommended :) ♥♥♥

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