Wednesday 13 June 2018

Hawte Mulund | Luxurious Indulgent Ice Cream Zone | Food Review | Food Photography

Brand new luxurious ice cream destination with simple yet classy interiors, extremely helpful staff and vast variety of ice creams. Prices are on the higher side but I am willing to pay a bit higher price for deliciousness and creativity. These ice creams are made of quality ingredients that is evident in their flavors, there aren't artificial sweeteners, preservatives, essences etc. used in making them, so everything is fresh and luxurious.

For this review session, we had and thoroughly loved each of these flavors-

In SPIKED SENSATION, there is inclusion of alcoholic flavors, we recommend-

DRUNKEN MONK - Green Apple and Vodka flavored Ice Cream garnished with macerated apple pieces, very fresh, a bit tangy flavor,apple pieces on top were brilliant,

HAWAIIAN PUNCH - Mango, Vanilla, Coconut and Vodka flavored Ice Cream garnished with cherry, pineapple, berry creme, my sister's FAVORITE, think of the best fruit punch drink you have had and then condense it in this little cup, such a fun flavor,

JAMAICAN KISS- Rum + Chocolate flavored ice cream garnished with Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate drop, gold dust, for those who love strong dark flavors,

In FRUITY Flavors section, they have a lot of real exotic fruits flavors, these are lighter, much like sorbets! We recommend-

PASSION FRUIT & COCONUT -Unique combination, a little bit icier than expected,

CARROT PUDDING - If you love GAJAR KA HALWA, you will love this too, MUST-HAVE

In PURE INDULGENCE, they have seemingly usual ice cream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate presented with garnish such as whipped cream, chocolate dust, caramel sauce and so on to make them delicious in gourmet way. We recommend-

AFTER 8 - Dark Chocolate + Mint ice cream garnished with Mint Mousse and Chocolate drizzle, I do not like mint in anything other than beverages, but liked this one a lot because both chocolate and mint were in perfect proportions so as to not overpower each other,

PAVLOVA - Yogurt + Mixed Berries garnish with Baked Meringue and berries drizzle, looks beautiful and has good enjoyable mildly tangy and creamy flavors,

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE - Garnish of homemade Strawberry Cheesecake made this normal strawberry ice -cream memorable,

SNICKERS - Chocolate + Peanut Butter ice cream garnished with caramel and peanut butter choco piece, my FAVORITE and must-have for all peanut butter fanatics,

Perfect ambiance to sit and chill with college or neighborhood friends for a couple of hours. Will be back for sure :) 

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