Thursday, 21 June 2018

Chow Me Up Chandivali Mumbai | Delicious Chinese & Pan Asian Cuisine Home Delivered | Food Review

When we Indians say chinese, we mean Indian chinese. We do not hanker over authenticity or gourmet versions, just give us some lip-smacking manchurian or paneer chilli in a boat full of blackest meanest sauce and we will be happy forever :D So obviously, when we got a chance to review Chow Me Up, the latest entrant in the field of take away + home delivery of scrumptious Chinese (and pan asian) cuisine, we were dancing like clowns. Some Indian Chinese on our way indeed!

Delivered securely dot on time even when it was raining heavily, Chow Me Up sent our way a feast reserved for kings. Value for money (for both quality + quantity), their menu has something for everyone's chinese food cravings. 1 portion of noodles, 1 starter and 1 gravy dish is more than enough for 2 hungry people and it will come to around Rs. 300 per person for a heavy meal.

We tried and thoroughly loved-


ZESTY LEMON CORIANDER SOUP - For those who love subtle and very mildly tangy flavors, this one is good, especially when you have a cold or runny nose!

VEG MANCHOW SOUP - Spicy, choc a bloc with bits of veggies like carrots and cabbage, lovely with the addition of generous dose of fried noodles atop,


CRISPY SPINACH PANEER- My FAVORITE (anything with paneer is!). This one is mildly tangy + sweet because of the marination of soft paneer cubes, the accompanying spinach is crispy fried but have it quickly or it gets soggy pretty soon,

KUNG PAO POTATO - Potato cubes well marinated and fried in tangy,sweet,spicy kung pao sauce, peppered with garlic, onions, bell peppers, delicious,

PANEER CHILLI BASIL- Felt quite close to kung pao potatoes in taste, with stronger flavor of basil coming through, delicious again,


COTTAGE CHEESE IN HUNAN SAUCE- Fiery hot and spicy cottage cheese doused in soy + chilli + garlic dominant hunan sauce along with thick bits of veggies such as onion, this one is lip smacking but don't have this if you have cold because your nose won't stop running :P

STIR FRIED VEGGIES IN WHITE GARLIC SAUCE- Veggies like Corn, Mushroom, Zucchini in thick mild white garlic sauce, this one looks like the lemon coriander soup and tastes quite bland actually, perfect to have with spicy noodles, to balance the flavor profile, I liked it a lot (in general,I like blander,milder dishes),


MALAYSIAN FLAT NOODLES - Another FAVORITE for me, delicious saucy mildly spicy + sweet flat noodles stir fried with veggies, I can only suggest adding crushed peanuts to make it perfect,

VEG ASIAN CHOPSUEY - This is the spicy cousin of sweet American Chopsuey we all love! Spicy, red stew of veggies like onions, cabbage and carrots, served on a bed of fried noodles, a complete meal in itself. My mom and sister looooooooooved this one to death (because they are spice fanatics) and I thought that white garlic sauce veggies were great alongside this to balance the heat :D Complete win-win.


CHOCO LAVA CAKE - Perfect. Just perfect. All that oozing molten chocolate at the core of this brilliant mini cake. Did not want to share this with anyone :P

We could not finish all this food in one sitting so we divided it over 2 meals and still enjoyed every bit. Just remember, dishes such as crispy spinach, soups and white garlic sauce veggies should not be stored in fridge because they are gelatinous. The taste simply disappears. On the other hand, the starters,dessert and noodles are fine to be kept for later consumption.

Overall, our Indian chinese cravings were completely satisfied and then some. Everything was as spicy, saucy, oily as expected.

So the next time hunger strikes and your palate wants some Chineez, you know whom to call ♥

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