Monday, 18 June 2018

Pack A Pav Mumbai | Pav Sandwiches Pack Full Of Flavors | Food Review | Food Photography

Situated a bit ahead of Candies at Pali Hill Bandra, this is a little shack of Pack-A-Pav in a quiet lane with extremely polite and welcoming staff and a compact menu of veg as well as non-veg pavs. We all know vada pavs are the lifeline of Mumbai, Pack-A-Pav takes it a notch higher with variety of delicious, creamy, cheesy, spicy fillings in pav sandwiches. The little outlet exudes a vibrant vibe and I really liked the pavs I tried here (they were all presented with fryums too!)

PANEER & CHEESE PAV - Really thick soft slab of paneer, loads of cheese, hung curd basil dip and caramelized onions, this one is a blockbuster, simple and straightforward. Not spicy, rather a little bit on sweeter side. Mild but oh-so-good. MUST-HAVE.

NUTELLA CHEESE PAV - I mean, come one, do I even need to spell this one out? :P Nutella + Cheese, smokey, sweet, salty, flavors explosion, tummy happy. If you are a nutella fan, get this one for sure.

TANDOORI SRIRACHA MUSHROOM PAV - Juicy mushroom with perfect tandoori marination, spicy, served with hung curd and red cabbage, if you like mushrooms or spicy dishes, this one is a MUST-HAVE too :)

They even came up with a Iftar special menu, they keep coming up with innovative offers and flavors from time to time. Alongside, there are also a couple of juices one can try with the wholesome pavs. Price is on higher side (110 or above is a bit much for a pav sandwich) BUT flavors are spot on, it feels like perfect comfort food and 2 pavs is enough as lunch for Hulk level eater like me. So do try this place foodies, I will sure be back :)

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