Saturday, 7 July 2018

ORBANGO Juices Mumbai | No Preservatives No Chemicals Juices | Food Review

A cool part of the latest sensation, cold pressed juices without any added preservatives or chemicals. Orbango sent over some juices for me to sample and I really liked them. Flavors are good, prices seem a bit on higher side but this is actually the case with literally every cold pressed juice brand out there. 

I saw sugar in the list of ingredients too but I did not think any flavor was too sugary, it must be minimal. Still, I guess some people will not like that. Delivery was before time, excellent. Packaging is good, very travel friendly and colorful. The flavors I tried were-

POWER SHOT- Banana, Honey, Dates, Almonds, Milk. Absolutely MUST-HAVE. For anyone who has ever had a cool banana milkshake, this is perfect. Healthier version of that, can be used to get instant energy after a workout. Delicious.

BLISS- Apple, Pineapple, Grapes. Apple was the dominant flavor here with mild aftertaste of pineapple, not too sour, refreshing enough.

RED ALERT- Strawberry, Watermelon, Mint. Both strawberry and watermelon were dominant flavors here, making it sourest of the 3 flavors I tried, strawberry seeds also included here, nice enough.

I would certainly like to try other flavors from here soon :) 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pot Pourri Sunday Breakfast Buffet | Brunch It Up In Healthy Way | Food Review | Restaurant Review | Food Photography

Sunday mornings are supposed to be spent sleeping..unless one is awakened by the thought of some delicious breakfast buffet, which is exactly what happened to us this sunday as we visited Pot Pourri. From 8 to 11 AM on sundays, it's raining breakfast items here, hallelujah :D

First impression- funky, young, happy vibe. Spacious, the kind we don't see much in Mumbai. Nice separate sections for huge groups, comfy couches, high chairs, families and so on. LIVE matches are screened and theme nights (such as ladies' special) are regularly held. Bustling kitchen, very courteous and prompt staff, menu choc-a-bloc with salads, pizzas, pastas and the like. We were here for sunday breakfast buffet that has a rotating menu with Indian, continental, south Indian delicacies along with fruit juices, bread, pastries, tea, coffee, waffles, pancakes live counter etc. Very value for money considering the huge spread that is bound to have something for everyone.

An overview of what we tried-

JUICES- My FAVORITE hands down. Combinations available were - Strawberry+ Guava, Watermelon+ Mint, Pineapple+ Spinach, Cold Coffee. Distinct flavors, refreshing, strong, healthy, full of nutrients and what a kick start to the day!

Alongside juices were different flavors of INFUSED WATER, good for detox, which I guess we need on sunday mornings after late night partying on friday and saturday :D

Then there was a separate counter for varieties of TEA, HOT COFFEE, HOT CHOCOLATE. I tried hot chocolate and it was really good.

CEREAL section had the popular choco-flakes along with option of hot or cold milk, for those like my sister who like no fuss breakfast.

INDIAN items included-
MINI IDLI, Sambhar and Coconut Chutney, all of them perfectly wholesome,


KOTHIMBIR WADI, personally I am not a big fan but taste-wise no complaints, authentic, if you like this dish, you will like it here too.

CONTINENTAL items included-
SAVOURY MILLET & BARLEY PORRIDGE - Again, not a big fan of millet, found this a bit too dry, but maybe those who like this kind of porridge would like it. Very healthy and down to earth option for sure.

HASH BROWNS, BAKED BEANS, GRILLED TOMATO - Nothing much to add here, same as anywhere else, simple and I guess satisfying for those who like these. I personally am not big on these dishes.

PIZZA - Simple mix of cheese and minimal veggies as toppings, tasted good, crunchy, not heavy on stomach at all, loved how fresh it was, they kept making it and it kept getting over :D

BREADS section had brown bread, white bread and the accompanying condiments were mind blowing. HERB BUTTER, CHILLI BUTTER, GUAVA JAM, PAPAYA JAM, literally each one of these was extraordinarily good.

VEG MAYO SANDWICH- My second FAVORITE after the juices section, it was a simple creamy cheesy sandwich but I think I must have gulped down 6 or 7 of these. Simple, superb.

FRESH FRUITS- Watermelons, Papaya, Pineapple, Muskmelon, take your pick. We tried all, they felt fresh.

DOUGHNUTS, BANANA LOAF, CROISSANT, MINI MUFFINS rounded up the sweet part of our breakfast. Out of these, croissants were a disappointment. They are supposed to be buttery and soft but were really hard. Same thing with brown bread, the sides were too hard. 

WAFFLES Live counter, we tried CHOCOLATE and STRAWBERRY, fragrant and fresh, really good.

Apart from these, the non vegetarians also had bacon, live eggs counter and non veg pizzas. The chef was also happy to make something special on request so that's good :)

We really liked the spread and except for occasional thumbs down (hard croissants, dry porridge) everything else was really good. Loads of healthy options, flavors were strong, excellent service and cool ambiance, we shall certainly be back soon.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lume Restaurant & Bar Hotel Aureole Mumbai | Vegetarian All You Can Eat Sizzler Festival | Food Review

An All You Can Eat Sizzler Festival.  How cool does that sound! Was here at Lume couple of days ago for review session of the same and really enjoyed it.

Due to monsoons, the approach road is really bad and some repair work is going on. Hopefully it will get sorted soon. Lume is situated on 1st floor of Hotel Aureole, spread over 2 floors with seating capacity of around 40-50 people, quaint and cozy. Situated away from the regular hustle and bustle of this megapolis, I think being here on a sunny afternoon would be best, would feel like relaxing in some faraway French or Italian cafe :D

For the sizzler festival, they have come up with 7 different sizzlers, all focusing on different cuisines - Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Classic, Vegan & Gluten Free and must say, all the elements on the plate are 100% true as promised. The portions are smaller because the festival offers UNLIMITED sizzlers, so instead of giving one HUGE sizzler that 2 people will finish, it is better to have smaller portions and try more versions. LOVE the idea. Very value for money too. Also, vegetarian only, so more brownie points from my side.

Started with beverages, tried 2 mocktails, WATERMELON based and BLACKCURRANT based, both really good, refreshing and strong flavors of core ingredients.

Then, we tried 5 sizzlers-

INDIAN- Mom's FAVORITE. Well marinated Tandoori Paneer on skewers, Veg Pulao, Kachumbar Salad and Veg Cutlet. EXCELLENT all around. Felt like it was a royal Nawabi platter. Solid Indian taste, perfect balance of spices.

THAI - Pad Thai noodles, Basil Paneer, Wilted Bokchoy and Coconut Chilli Rice, everything was good, only the noodles felt a bit stretchy and rubbery. But that rice, yummy to the hilt.

ITALIAN (Garden Delight) - Cheesy creamy, my sister's FAVORITE. Exotic veggies in cream sauce, garlic bread, mushroom pasta, zucchini + paneer cutlet, really brought out Italian influence, the cutlet especially was FANTASTIC.

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE- Healthiest platter of the lot I think. Oven baked vegetables, cutlet made of crispy chickpeas + potatoes (they have said 'dumplings' on the menu but it is actually a cutlet), brown rice pilaf (it looked like white rice only but maybe this is another variety of brown rice, tasted good, healthy). Health freaks must try this.

MEXICAN - All of us LOVED this because it had a big tangy, tomato feel :D Chipotle Rice, Veg Cutlet, Tomato Salsa and Peri Peri Fries (lovely crunchy fries, star element here) everything worked well in this one. MUST-HAVE.

Staff was really polite, smiling and helpful. Service was slow though. That is the only thing that can be improved. Sizzlers were delicious and have made us curious enough to come back here and try their regular menu too :) Bon Appetit!