Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Bombay Fries Chembur | Delicious Fries & Thick Shakes | Food Review | Food Photography

A bright new entry in Chembur for fries lovers. Bright, sunny, upbeat ambiance with enough outdoor and indoor seating for 30-40 people. Laid out like a cafe to- chill at with friends, basically it has varieties of fries, tornado, shakes and nachos. 

Staff is extremely fast, polite and helpful. Prices are very value for money since each fries plate is enough to feed 2 hungry people! Even shakes are very thick and like mini-meals in themselves. Clearly not a place for health freaks, do not think about calories or weight when entering here :P

For this review session, I tried and loved-
NACHO FRIES - Tortilla Nacho Chips with Fries and Cheeeeeese and Salsa, a little tangy, delicious,

AMBOO FRIES - Layers of Fries + Melted Cheese sauce + 4 Sauces + Grated Cheese, these are MUST--HAVE, the amount of cheese is lethal here :D

CHILLI CHEESE TORNADO - Full line of spiral potato fries these must be eaten hot or else they become soggy later on.

NUTELLA SHAKE and AMBOO SHAKE- Both were extremely thick, creamy, flavorful. Amboo shake especially is a fantastic mix of red velvet, chocolate and oreo! MUST-HAVE.

Want fries? Walk in to The Bombay Fries with family and friends,no french fries addict can miss this place :)

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