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EPL : Eat Pray Luv Mumbai | Vegetarian Italian Mexican Delicacies | Food Review

EPL : Eat Pray Luv is one of those places any current or aspiring interior decorator will fall in love with. It is also a pretty fantastic dining destination for anybody with a love for Italian or Mexican cuisines. 

Warm pink, orange, green-shaded walls, steep stairs to the main dining area upstairs, distinct golden flamingo on the ground floor greeting every visitor, quite romantic ambiance, relaxed musical tunes in the background, very polite and efficient staff, fast service - just some of the things I remember from my memorable supper last week with my sister :)

Prices are on steeper side, portions are good (we asked for smaller portions for our review session and they kindly obliged) and don't let the word 'vegetarian' deter you from entering here as it has plenty of delicious nachos, pizzas, pastas, burritos and such to keep everyone happy. 

We tried and loved-


Cumin Cucumber Cooler - Really refreshing mix of cucumber, cumin, mint, similar to jal-jeera, MUST-HAVE if you love simple beverages like I do,

Choco Shake, Red Velvet Shake -Both were ordered and loved by my sister, both were not very icy, rather they were creamy and flavorful, very simply presented but do not let that deceive you. Simplicity is beautiful, 

Mint Mojito - Another very refreshing, simple joyous beverage, nothing to brag about and nothing to complain about, 


Grilled Chipotle Cottage Cheese -If you like peppery, spicy flavor profile, go for this, really soft cottage cheese with beautiful marinade of chipotle, sister loved it as she loves spicy dishes, honestly I really liked it too :)

Grilled Broccoli tossed in Hot Arrabiata Sauce - Again my sister loved it as she loves broccoli. I do not like broccoli much and this was one was very simple, basic broccoli in arrabiata sauce. Tangy, mildly spicy and very strong dominant taste of broccoli. If that is your thing, go for it, 

Totes - Spinach and Corn-The best way I can explain these are Italian/ French fried dimsums :P Honestly, MUST-HAVE dish here. Small pastry pockets that are crunchy yet really thin-layered filled with mushrooms OR spinach-corn. We chose latter and it was LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY level good

In SOUP, we had Corn and Jalapenos that was really hot, creamy, frothy and perfect for any rainy day, TRY IT for sure if you like soups, also notice that the accompanying garlic bread is different from most places, more rustic, I liked it :) 

In PASTA, we tried Primavera Penne Pasta and as the very helpful staff had already told us, it was simple, dry (much like Aglio Olio) with exotic veggies, we liked it a lot. It felt light yet wholesome and something even a calorie-watcher can enjoy without much guilt here,

In MAINS, we had-

Gnocchi with Truffle Cream and Parmesan - I LOVED it, has very strong authentic truffle cream & parmesan combo that is not everyone's cup of tea. For people like my sister who do not like truffle's distinct smell, stay away. For others, dig in! Gnocchi was superb, light as cloud, fluffy and the creamy combination worked for me, very basic dish done very right but it is NOT a mass dish. Try it if you like taking risks, it is also bland so feel free to add seasonings to enhance the flavors,

Cannelloni of Roasted Ratatouille Vegetables, Goat Cheese and Spicy Tomato Sauce - This IS a mass pleasing dish and this one you can try blindly with full assurance of it being delicious :) It has got lovely ratatouille veggies inside soft cannelloni and all that molten cheese plus spicy sauce...yummy is the word, 


Hazelnut Pot - If you look at the picture, you will see how delicious it looks and then all I need to say is 'it tastes just as delicious', no other explanation needed :D If you want to drown in gooey chocolate-hazelnut combo, try this. Make sure to share it between 2-3 people, it is heavy for one person (unless that person is me, the resident foodie HULK), 

Blueberry Cheesecake- Delicious cheesecake, the blueberry compote on top that they make in-house is bae :)

We have just tried about 1/5th of their entire menu and we cannot wait to come back soon and try everything else too :) Eat, Pray, Luv AND REPEAT!

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