Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Pete's Pizzeria & Kitchen | Fresh Pizzas Feast | Italian Extravaganza | Food Review

A rainy evening beckons and hunger strikes. My office colleagues and I decide to binge on without thinking of calories and I decide to slide in my review session of Pete's Pizzeria at the same time :D So we ordered in some of their bestsellers and Pete's made us all so soooo happy :)

First of all, delivered way before expected time (they are actually situated very close to my office but still,it was really pleasantly surprising), delivery man was very polite, pizza boxes are colorful and cheerful and all 3 pizzas looked brilliant.

Well, they tasted just as good-
GARDEN DELITE- Tomato Sauce, Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Corn, Onions, Arugula & Parmesan Cheese, this was hand tossed crust and it felt very comforting to dig into this. Delicious, flavorful, a little bit on spicier side, my office colleagues loved the amount of toppings (according to them, not too much,not too less), so a MUST-HAVE.

FOUR CHEESE- Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan, this one was thin crust- it was not so thin as to become a papad, that is always a good sign, since many pizza places make that mistake. I personally prefer thicker hand tossed crust more but that's just personal preference. The balance of cheese was right, we kept going back for this and it was simple yet superb. My personal FAVORITE :)

FUNGHI - Tomato Sauce, Mushroom Ragout, Sliced Mushrooms, Cheese, a definite win for hardcore mushroom lovers, since it was choc a bloc with that strong meaty mushroom presence from top to bottom. It was good and I brought it home, even my sister liked it. Little bit more tomato sauce would be perfect.

We loved what we tried and are looking forward to trying more strong flavors from here. I have been hearing good things about the Paneer pizza so that's on my list for next time. Till then, Bon Appetit with Pete's Pizzeria ♥

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