Monday 22 February 2016

Box8, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Box8 is one of my favorite places to order food from in Mumbai :) There,I said it! 

I had tasted a royal meal from Box8 for the first time about 3 months ago and my sister & I had loved the experience, read all about it here :) Ever since that day, I have recommended Box8 to everyone in my office and we order a lot of our lunches from here. I often end up having the Veg or Paneer salad (Yup,I am trying to slim down,so healthy dieting is a constant endeavor :D). I can blindly order any sandwich or wrap and know that it will be tasty AND healthy. 

My absolute favorite is Paneer Overload and every single time, the melt-in-mouth bread makes it 1000% worth it. I still haven't tasted any main course meal box but pretty sure that thanks to my frequent late night shifts, will do so soon :D Recently, had the pleasure of tasting Masala Lemonade and Moong Daal ka Halwa too and they are lip smacking! Remember, when we were kids,this candy called 'Swad' used to be our favorite? It was tangy and had this brilliant hint of Amla/ Raw Mango? The Masala Lemonade at Box8 is that exact taste! It actually tasted of childhood,all the good parts. The Moong Daal ka Halwa was choc-a-bloc with Ghee which of course made it brilliant in taste without being overtly sugary sweet but again,not something someone health conscious would love, so beware :P It reminded me of the Prasad they serve in Gurudwaras, so tasty, dripping in Ghee! 

The packaging every single time is perfect,no food spillage of any kind. It is also so funky with drinks being labelled as 'Gatak ja pyare' and Dessert as 'Mooh meetha karo' :) Delivery is always done within 25-30 minutes. Food comes in piping hot and fresh. AND they have a brilliant customer service too. One time, a colleague of mine had ordered for a Sandwich but got Biryani due to some mix-up. He called them up, they sent over his correct order within 25 minutes with a complimentary drink & dessert and let us enjoy the Biryani too apart from apologizing profusely-> which frankly was not required since we later discovered it was an error on my colleague's part as he had double ordered, it was not Box8's fault! 

Seems they have launched an all new menu with Pizzas as a part of it and many of my friends have been singing praises for the same. Can't wait to try the pizzas very soon :)

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