Monday, 11 June 2018

Drifters Brewing Co. Worli Mumbai | Handcrafted Beer | Mediterranean Delicacies | Food Review | Food Photography

Located in the most hip and happening Kamala Mills, Drifters Brewing Co. as the name suggests, is a boon for beer lovers. A variety of handcrafted beer awaits. Add to it very spacious ambiance with LIVE IPL and such vibrant sports matches telecast on big screen. 

But what if somebody not interested in sports or alcohol lands up here? Happy to say that Drifters has more than enough for someone like me too. Food is delicious. Portions are good, prices are reasonable keeping quality + quantity + location. Very fast service, special appreciation for our very helpful server, Mr. Simon :) 

For this review session, I tried smaller portions of choicest dishes (except for dessert that was full portioned), and here is what I thoroughly loved-

CUCUMBER COOLER - Fresh Cucumber, Soda, a little bit of Cumin, Mint, it was perfect for a sweaty afternoon (I was here just before monsoon started in Mumbai, on a very hot day and was instantly refreshed). RECOMMENDED.

BABY LEAVES SALAD= Mediterranean mixed baby leaves, arugula, sunflower microgreens, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, fresh orange mint, berries, orange segments, nuts, fruit dressing and hint of ginger. Tasted exactly as described. Every ingredient was balanced, strong, fresh, citrus punch was fantastic, one of the best and healthiest salads around. MUST-HAVE. 

COTTAGE CHEESE KIBBEH -Turkish kebab with soya & cottage cheese, served with aioli sauce, felt very authentic, absolutely delicious.

ALMOND & SPINACH WRAP - Greek rolls stuffed with lettuce, spinach along with almonds, berries, raisins, sauteed cottage cheese, hummus & lime juice served with tangy tomato dip. MUST-HAVE especially for anyone with a special inclination for raisins and almonds :D The nuts bring a sweet-ish crunch while lettuce and spinach give the healthy wholesome touch.

WILD CHILLY POTATO- Egyptian spicy potato chunks tossed with traditional seasoning, oh boy these are SPICYYYYY :D Enjoy them with chilled beer or any other alcoholic drink, perfect starchy accompaniments.

For Dessert, tried-
TIRAMISU- Presentation is pretty but flavor is very veryyyyy light. There needs to be strong good flavor of coffee but that was missing here. It felt more like vanilla panna cotta, a good one at that. 

BAKLAVA with ICE CREAM - Hands down, BEST Baklava I have had in a long time. MUST-HAVE. Pastry stuffed with nuts, this one is a rich dessert and the ice cream addition is well-thought to balance the richness of the pastry. Please have this without fail here.

When somebody like me walks in to Drifters and walks out happy, even without trying any beer, you know that it is a worthwhile place to be :) Do walk in with friends/family/ office colleagues or basically anyone else for some great handcrafted beer along with some delicious Mediterranean dishes. I know I will certainly be back soon.

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