Wednesday 13 July 2016

Wok This Way | Lower Parel Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

I had ordered some deliciousness from Wok This Way some months ago and absolutely loved it, so did my sister. It is always on our cumulative favorites list of places in Mumbai, especially for her since she looooooved Chinese cuisine :) So when last month we had a free weekend and we hopped in to High Street Phoenix Mills at Lower Parel for some shopping as well as movie, we had to check this place out once more.

Situated opposite Palladium gate of High Street Phoenix, this is one small cozy place with an inviting decor. The kitchen takes the centrestage and then we can take our pick from a long community table or individual table-chair setup :) Ambiance is laid back and casual, check out the beautiful art gallery on the wall as you enter, it refreshes and inspires in an instant :)

Since we were famished, we decided to go for 2 Woks and the staff suggested to try out their Baos too, so we took a chance and it turned out to be pretty good. This was by the way the first time my sister and I had Bao - 3 beautiful and generously portioned steamed whole wheat buns with Pickled Veggies, Minced Veggies and Minced as well as Big Solid Chunks of Tofu as fillings. I found the sauces used in all of them quite similar and on the sour-y (tomato-ey) side but delicious nonetheless. They use fresh sauces which clearly shows, it has a very rustic feel.

When it comes to Wok, well, it is pretty hard to mess it up with the main idea being us choosing our noodles, veggies, garnishes and sauce ourselves. They do not disappoint in this regard either with freshest ingredients being used that they make in this kitchen themselves. So yes it is healthy too! We had Spinach Noodles with Cottage Cheese & Veggies like Corn, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrots, Zucchini, Spinach, Spring Onions, I chose the sweet and tangy Bulgogi sauce while my sister chose Teriyaki and both were fantastic. I thought that my wok with Bulgogi sauce was a bit dry so I asked for extra sauce and the amazing staff gave us generous helpings of both sauces to be added as per our liking. Everything tasted fresh, crunchy, flavorful. Delicious!

Damage to the pocket, just about Rs. 800, very reasonable looking at the quality and quantity :) We also love the eco-friendly plates and cutlery they use here, absolutely marvelous step. We would be back for sure!

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