Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cafe Mangii WowTables Experience | Khar Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

'This is like Goa in the heart of Mumbai'

So said my sister who loves Goa and had taken me for a surprise lunch to Cafe Mangii on a sultry summer afternoon about 40 days ago by booking it via WowTables through which we have already had some amazing meals in the past :) This was actually a place I had wished to go for a long time but for some reason or other just could not plan for it. Well, finally, here we were and it does feel like Goa, as in, the same chilled out vibe, similar beach-side-shacks like ambiance, high ceilings, funky pictures on the wall, similar Spanish/ Portuguese party songs making the atmosphere merry, polite and soft-spoken staff with a smile on their faces. Upbeat, happy, basic yet heartening. 

All Pictures Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography 

We had to choose 1 starter, 1 pizza, 1 pasta and 1 dessert from the set WowTables special menu and we zeroed down on Patata Gnocchi, Verdure Pizza, Fusili Pasta in Pink Sauce and Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Portions were just enough for 2 of us, me being the hungry hippo and my sister being the light eater. Patata Gnocchi were the star dish, melt-in-mouth gnocchi with this creamy texture, I have never had anything like this ever before. It was light and airy yet creamy at the same time,not to mention how beautiful it looks. Culinary wizardry I tell you :D Also,the complimentary bread basket was scrumptious :)

Verdure Pizza were great because they were baked in wood-fired oven, so that earthy crunchy base was my favorite. Good amount of sauce though cheese could be a bit more and delicious chunks of bell peppers, caramelized onions and zucchini. Had a sweeter tinge because of onions, crunchy because of peppers and zucchini, I relished it to the end. 

Pasta was a bit weak for my sister because she thought it had more of tomato sauce and less of cheesy creamy consistency. I liked it, not the best we have ever had but definitely not bad. Pasta was cooked perfectly, good quantity of accompanying veggies, sauce just needs to be improved a bit :) Brownie with ice cream was a good dessert as well with creamy ice cream (no bits and pieces of ice!) complimenting the soft yet firm (not hard!) brownie. Liked it :)

This was all priced at around Rs. 1700 for a couple and looking at the quality of dishes, service & overall experience,we would definitely say it is worth it. We would like to come back here,if we are in the area, to try out more dishes from their menu and it is also a great place for having some intimate conversations, so all you peoples searching for quaint places in the area for some alone time or just for feeling like you are chilling in Goa temporarily, you may check it out :)

All Pictures Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography 

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