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Soho Tapas Bar | Andheri West Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Soho, the famous arts district of New York and Tapas, the famous culture of having snacks/finger-food in Spanish bars before dinner time. Bring them together, heighten the above mentioned elements of arts & food in the best way possible and we get Soho Tapas Bar right in our very own Mumbai :) 

Having heard wonderful things about Soho from my friends in Andheri, it was a golden chance to have gotten an invite for a review and landing here with my cool bloggers group :) Clean, spacious (well as spacious as any place in Mumbai can be!), beautiful in an understated way, it is a great place to relax with friends. Bright during daytime and dimly lit perfect party place during evenings. No wonder everybody is heading to Soho nowadays :) There is a cool outdoor as well as elegant indoor seating area with a full stocked bar, plush couches, art deco on the walls, LIVE DJ playing cool tunes. My absolute favorite corner has the most amazing backdrop of NY where I could spend whole day! What more could one want? 

Oh yes, one wants good food & drinks and one gets that aplenty here with lovely service. Not being much of an alcoholic myself,haven't tasted much of alcoholic offerings here but my friends loved Beverley Hills Iced Tea, SOHO Expresso while I enjoyed all the mocktails, special mention to absolutely stunning Guava Mary and refreshing Italian Cream Soda (Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Cream, Soda) both of which are must-haves :)

Quantity and Quality of every item we had was top-notch making their prices quite justified (especially looking at the location). Among the starters, Stuffed Pimentos Chillies were decent enough (just like our own stuffed chillies that we love to binge on during monsoon,except these were cheesier) and so were Clay Oven Wild Mushrooms which would be loved by ardent mushroom lovers like me,not so much by others.

Must-Haves would be Quinoa and Risotto Arancini Balls,crispy outside, lovely filling inside AND Clay Oven Baked Cottage Cheese, marinated in the most delicious sweet-spicy tomato relish sauce! Classic Awesomesauce is this :D

Deconstructed Patatas Bravas (Sweet Potatoes + Potatoe wedges) with amazing Cheddar Jalapeno Sauce and Loaded Nachos (got to go through all the layers for deliciousness in every mouthful) are great options to have when with a bunch of friends.

The fact that everything on the Main Course list looked scrumptious made us taste almost everything listed here, not that anybody is complaining :D

Ratatouille Stuffed Crepe was appropriately cheesy and flavorful while Kolhapuri Style Vegetarian Lasagna gave a nice Indian spicy twist to the usual cheesy Lasagna, one I appreciate more in present weather :D 

For those with a penchant to try something unique, Greek Tangy Stew with Quinoa & Cous Cous Medley comes highly recommended, it has enough spices to keep one happy & good balance of Quinoa & Cous Cous to bring the refreshing + healthy kick to any meal :)

For people like my sister who loooooove Asian cuisine, go for Bakmi Goreng i.e. Indonesian stir fried noodles with ample sweet-spicy sauce & crunchy veggies. One dish that is in itself enough for any meal, any day. 

Stuffing ourselves through this beautiful symphony of different textures & flavors just made us hungrier for what the Desserts section had in store for us. There were Churros and Blueberry Cheesecake. I am not much into Churros myself but these were divine, piping fresh hot, to be dunked in chocolate and caramel sauces and devoured instantly. The star of the evening however was the Blueberry Cheesecake, the unbelievably delicious & dense cheese contrasting perfectly with the hint of acidity of Blueberry, forcing us to call for seconds. AND we would have called for a third round if we were not dangerously close to practically bursting our stomachs :P That good, YES, THAT Good :)

That completes my curiosity as to why everyone is going gaga over Soho Tapas Bar. We cannot wait to go back and sample everything else on the menu. So long Soho :)

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