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3 Wise Monkeys | Unicontinental Khar Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review | Bloggers Preview

3 Wise Monkeys has at Khar, Mumbai been one of the most hip and happening places for youngsters to chill out for quite some time now. So imagine my happiness when I got a chance to try out their new menu in the company of some awesome bloggers on the occasion of their 4 year anniversary celebrations :)

All Photos Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

My sister has been to 3 wise monkeys a number of times in past couple of years but this was the first time I visited them, primarily because I am not an alcohol lover myself and was under the impression that I won't get anything special as a foodie here. How wrong was I, the menu here is actually geared towards pleasing the foodies as much as embracing the alcohol lovers :)

It is situated very close to Khar railway station and is easy to reach. Ambiance is perfect for chilling with friends except it is tooooooo dim and near impossible to read the menu card also,which is sort of THE Bible for foodies like me :D In any case, on this particular night we did not need to order any dishes from the menu as the humble and supremely talented Chef kept sending his specialties for us to relish :) Seating is comfortable, it is crowded from 7 PM onwards and don't forget to spot the inverted pool tables on the ceiling! Service is exceptionally good and I have to wonder how can the staff see everything clearly in this dim lighting? I mean, they cleared my plates as soon as I polished off the dishes, do they recruit people with super-vision here? :D

We started with a round of drinks such as Bombay Calling (Gin and Cucumber = refreshing!), Berry Blast (Vodka and Berries = brilliant!), Jack & Melon (Watermelon and Bourbon Whisky = sticky sweet,I like!) Red Lady (Watermelon based mocktail, best of the lot!) and Fresh Fruits Mojito (dazzling,refreshing!)

This is one of the few places where every single dish from starters,main course and desserts is superlative, showing the passion & dedication that went in while creating them for the menu. Another important thing to remember is that all the dishes we had in Veg has an equal counterpart in Non-Veg thus eliminating any bias. So while we loved Panipuri Paneer, you can go for Panipuri Chicken :)

All Photos Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

Pizza Fries and Roasted Indian Curry Fries = Crunchy, Flavorful, Loaded with spices (and cheese in case of pizza fries), Lip-smacking, Perfect chakhnas to be had with drinks.

Mushroom Sukka = Spicy juicy mushrooms served with Mangalorean rice noodles. 2 of my fellow bloggers who dislike mushrooms said that this was the only mushroom dish they have ever liked :D Nachos & Bruschetta tasted as they should :)

Panipuri Paneer = Favorite starter of the night. Panipuri filled with pounded Paneer and appropriate amount of spices to make it a wholesome treat.

Paneer Chilly Nan Pav and Pav Bhaji Nan Pav = Best idea to combine our favorite dishes into one big filling treat. Perfectly spiced Paneer Chilly chunks and Pav Bhaji gravy served sandwiched in soft Pav pieces. Soul satisfying.

Peri Peri Paneer Pizza = I don't know how they can marinate their Paneer so good! This made us forget all the other Peri-Peri versions we have had anywhere else :D Delicious Peri Peri Paneer, Oodles of Cheese, Perfectly baked Pizza crust, I will travel to this part of town just to have this. Star Dish Of The Night.

Dal Khichdi with Crispy Paneer = Khichdi in a lounge/bar/pub? Oh yes, and how! Khichdi is India's official comfort food and we always have it with pickles, chutneys, sauces, right? So these guys have combined all our favorite elements. Welcome the dense & perfectly flavored Dal Khichdi with huge,soft chunks of spicy Paneer that eliminates the need to have any other pickle or chutney with the dish. This is a superlative meal combo and portion is enough for 2 people. I want this home delivered every night! My personal star dish

Dum Aloo Biryani drew the curtains on our culinary adventure as we relished a pretty perfect version of Biryani, not Pulao that many places serve! Fragrant rice, boatloads of original Biryani spices, served in a jar with enough portion for 2 hungry souls. Couldn't get any better :)

For Desserts, I relished Peach Melba (basically slices of Peach with Ice Cream and Strawberry Pulp) while my friends relished Brownie with Ice-cream and Kahlua liquor,the kick making them happy with each bite :)

All Photos Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

With proactive service, chilled-out ambiance and a well crafted, well balanced menu which has something for everyone at quite reasonable maybe just a tad expensive price points (notice the location peoples!), coming to 3 Wise Monkeys seems like the wisest decision to make,hands down :)

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