Thursday, 14 July 2016

Auravedic Pure Lightening Whipped Body Butter Mango Papaya | Beauty Review

A beautiful product I purchased as part of the huge Auravedic Beauty Products Haul is Auravedic Pure Lightening Whipped Body Butter Mango Papaya which I started using on my body at the same time I started using Auravedic Skin Lightening Formula on my face :) Ofcourse, the face cream lasted me almost 2 months while this body butter got over within 10 days :D

It is available on Facebook, Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa and such online shopping websites for Rs.250 for 100 grams which lasts less than a fortnight when applied liberally on hands and feet.

Claims to impart visibly lighter,brighter and hydrated, softer skin with Ingredients like Papaya, Mango Butter, Kokam Butter,Beeswax bringing their brightening,healing and hydrating properties to the mix. Packaging is standard jar which might be an issue for those who don't like to dip their fingers in it and Quantity is not enough to last even a month for a body butter!

The first thing one notices on opening the jar is the delicious mango smell which overpowers everything else, even the butter actually looks like mango pulp and it is near impossible to control oneself from eating it :D On applying it instantly hydrates and within one week of using it,I did find the rough areas on my elbows and ankles getting baby soft even though there was no lightening effect observed. I think they should get this one out in larger jars so that it lasts a longer time and gives us ample time to judge its efficacy in terms of its brightening/lightening claims but as a body butter it is perfect :) I had used another brand's body butter and hated how greasy that was. But Auravedic Body Butter is delicious to smell, has intense hydrating properties and really makes one fall in love with the aftereffects :)

  • Delicious smell
  • Potent,natural,ayurvedic ingredients and formulation
  • Hydrates really well
  • Makes skin superbly soft and smooth
  • Even works on hard elbows and ankles that stay rough all through the year!
  • Expensive for the quantity
Recommended-YES! This is the second Auravedic product after its Skin Lightening Formula that has made me happy :) Rating is 4/5 :) 

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