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Barbeque Nation | Delhi Street Food Festival | Kurla West Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Barbeque Nation has been a favorite with our family ever since we first visited them on my mom's birthday last year (their Worli outlet) and had the most fabulous experience :) We loved the food, the ambiance and most importantly, the endearing warm service. Since then, my sister and I have been to Barbeque Nation twice or thrice more,with our friends/office colleagues and every single time their food and service has been fantabulous. So when it was time for a long overdue family dinner, we chose Barbeque Nation at Phoenix Paragon Plaza, Kurla and guess what, they exceeded all our expectations once more :)

All Pictures Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

Barbeque Nation has loads of festivals going on throughout the year where apart from their usual live grills and menu they have some special additions for us to enjoy, this time it was Delhi Street Food Festival and the whole outlet was completely decked up in bulbs and colorful drapes to give that Dilliwala/ North Indian celebration feel :) Perfect for visiting with family with loads of space around and special chat/paratha stalls set up. Staff is exceedingly polite and attentive, eager to take feedback and make every customer's visit special. Cannot praise them enough! I just wish Barbeque Nation allowed us to give them tips, this level of personalized royal service is rare. And we have gotten the same level of service every single time we have visited them in every single outlet,so it is not a one off thing,rather they have made it a habit that every person who walks in Barbeque Nation walks out feeling like royalty :)

We started off with Sweet Lime Soda, Strawberry & Mint Mojito and Spiced Tango (basically Aam Panna Mojito), all of them exceedingly refreshing and recommended. Then the starters made their appearance -Mushroom Tandoori Malai, Paneer Tikka (Just THE Best!), Pudina Pineapple Tikke (juicy good!), Corn on the Cob (with malai mild tikka masala,absolutely amazing), each one marinated perfectly, just a few minutes on the grill needed. Also had Spicy Charmoula Potatoes and softest Dahi ke Kebab which were my mom & sister's favorites, couldn't stop having them. Imagine the perfect combination of spices, sauces, veggies, everything delicious that we love about Indian cuisine and put them all together, that soul satisfying taste is what is served here. And it keeps coming till you force them to stop :D So please, do fast for 2 days before coming here :P

Owing to the special festival, we relished Panipuris, Papdi Chaat and Haryali Shami Kebabs too, each one of them made just the way we love them whenever we visit our uncles who live in Delhi :) My absolute favorite was the Tawa Paratha-Choley combination that would warm the heart of anyone who has visited a Punjabi Dhaba EVER! That same warmth,that same home-cooked taste, that same tinge of Punjabi hospitality, that rooted-in-earth-feeling :) There was this special bread they served alongside, felt like a hybrid of Focaccia and apna Mumbai ka Pav, it was so soft and fragrant, my dad wanted to buy that and bring home :D

By the time the starters end,there is hardly any space left in tummy for the main course,that's the specialty of Barbeque Nation. But as I said, do fast for 2 days and proceed towards the main course counter. An array of Rotis, Salads, Rice/Biryani, Gravies await in both veg & non-veg varieties and there are special additions depending on the festival they are running. 

This time,I especially loved Kache Paneer ki Biryani (Softest Paneer in real Biryani, not just Pulao), 
Makhmali Paneer (mildly spicy,again soft and melt in mouth Paneer), 
Matiya Mahal ki Haryali Sabzi (Mixed Veg in Palak based creamy gravy,best of the lot,my dad had three repeats!), 
Chandni Chowk ki Subz Biryani (Spicy and filling,just the way Biryani should be), 
Anjeer Kofte (soft,little spicy,little sweet,my personal favorite) and 
Chowmein (How do we Indians love our noodles? Exactly that!) 

Desserts section had the most succulent Angoori Gulab Jamuns (we altogether had about 40 of these,no kidding!) along with Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mousse, Jama Masjid ka Shahi Tukda (Too sweet,good enough for me though :D), Cut Fresh Fruits Watermelon and Papaya, Phirni and an array of Ice Creams (Creamy goodness) AND finally,the brilliant Kulfis (my favorites being Kesar Pista and Malai) to be personalized with Rabdi, Sabja, Pista, Rose essence and much more! The combinations are endless,taste phenomenal of everything. Can't really say much other than an utter delight for any foodie :)

All Pictures Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

How can one person have so much food? Well, it is the complete package of delicious food & lovely service & upbeat ambiance that makes it possible :D Walk in, relax with family/friends, indulge in some happy conversations, let the staff take care of you, eat, drink, eat some more, talk some more and walk out happy. That's how things are done at Barbeque Nation and that is why it is my family's favorite. The night we went, there were 3 birthday celebrations and 1 proposal! Yup, a person actually went on his knees to propose to his lady love while the whole staff of Barbeque Nation (and everyone else there too) congratulated him when she said Yes :D 

So come here for making happy memories. It is our feel-good happy place. The Delhi Street Food Festival is on till 31st July and a complete steal at their current prices between 600-1000 per person (Depending on whether one visits for lunch/dinner and opts for veg/non veg) I think I will make another round next week with my office colleagues and then my family will be back even when the festival is over because well,it will still be our wholesome favorite Barbeque Nation :)

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