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Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask Review | Ayurvedic Beauty Review | Indian Beauty Health Lifestyle Blogger

In my quest to find good DIY natural beauty products, I have been trying several different brands of Herbal & Ayurvedic face packs. I prefer face packs that are in powder form, so I can mix them with yogurt/ milk/ turmeric and other ingredients from my kitchen and do some kick-ass DIY for my problematic skin. I find this approach works better than using other kinds of masks, most of the time. 

So the latest in this series is Vedantika Herbals, a brand I had heard of but never had chance to try. Four months ago, I redeemed some loyalty points on my bank card and got Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask, let us see how it fared :)

Packaging of Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask is simple, in a plastic bottle with cap. It looks travel friendly, I have not travelled with it but it looks and feels sturdy.

Ingredients list is full of ancient Ayurvedic ingredients (and their scientific name is given), I googled them and found out that basically this mask has Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) as base with addition of Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera, Basil, Beheda, Camphor, Shankhabhasma. Ooh, exotic list! 

Claims are keeping in line with how such traditional Ayurvedic ingredients work, it promises to prevent sagging of skin, enhance cell regeneration, leave skin radiant and shining.

Availability of Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask is quite common online on Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart etc. On Amazon, it is available for around Rs. 300 for 70 grams.

Quantity is quite good as I used it everyday on my face and neck and it lasted me more than 6 weeks. Only a small amount is needed to make a good paste. If you like really thick face masks then it will last just about a month. If you like thin layer of face mask, it will last longer.

Usage - Mix 1 teaspoon with rose water and add honey for dry skin. Apply a thick layer. Let it dry, wash off. Simple :D Suggested to use twice a week (but I used everyday and it was fine).

Effect - Having spent my whole life using similar products, I know how to use it and what effects to expect on my face. I mix it with yogurt and a little bit of almond oil to make a nice paste, apply on face, it takes 10-12 minutes to completely dry and then I wash it off. First off, the most important thing, my very problematic, very sensitive, very acne-prone skin did not react with any ingredient and I did not see any new pimples emerge after using this product, so I can vouch for its ingredients being pure and good for every kind of skin.

Immediately on applying it, there is a cooling and mildly tingling sensation, I think it is because of Camphor. I have used it constantly for more than 1 month and I saw visible changes. 

1- My skin feels more plump and supple to touch,
2- I could feel a lot of dry patches on my cheeks during monsoon, they have cleared completely leaving behind only baby soft skin,
3- On my forehead I had a little tanned patch that has now lightened a bit, even though lightening/brightening is not one of this mask's claims but I think I got this bonus good effect.

Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask is mainly made of Multani Mitti base, so I suggest always use it after mixing some oils or full fat cream/ milk in it. For combination-oily or completely oily skin, it is a boon since multani mitti will soak up all the oil. 

Even though my skin has been a bit on the drier side lately, I have never felt my skin parched or dehydrated after using this mask because I add some almond oil drops in it. I do not have any visible wrinkles so cannot comment on that but we all know that no cream or beauty product can 'halt ageing' or 'reverse ageing'. Ageing is a natural part of human life but what Ayurvedic ingredients can definitely do is impart a shine, a radiance to skin so that it does not 'look or feel old'. In that sense, YES, Vedantika Herbals Anti Ageing Mask is quite effective.

  • Good DIY product
  • Absorbs extra oil, yet does not dry out skin
  • Makes skin soft, a bit radiant, removes dry patches
  • Nice cooling effect due to camphor, mild tingling too
  • Made of pure Ayurvedic ingredients, no bad chemicals added
  • I saw bonus good effect of little brightening and reduced tanning too
  • No allergies, breakout or bad reaction on my super-sensitive skin
  • Available online, can be bought from Amazon or Nykaa or Flipkart

  • Main ingredient in multani mitti, very dry skin may feel dehydrated
  • Can seem costly for the quantity but quality is worth it

Recommended -YES. This is one of the best Ayurvedic face masks I have used. Rating is 4.5/5.  

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