Tuesday 13 November 2018

Bakeology Mumbai Review | Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Healthy Nutritious Delicacies | Food Review

What to do when brain wants you to eat healthy but your heart says, 'Hey, it is Diwali, forget healthy because healthy means boring and tasteless'?

You land at Bakeology, Thane :)

Was here just prior to Diwali for a glimpse into how taste meets health in the most delectable way. Dr. Kasturi is on a mission and it is worth joining in. She started baking goodies for her little daughter, hoping to wean her away from fried/ junk/ artificial-flavors-laden stuff and pretty soon, not only her daughter but even her neighbors were hooked onto some unbelievably delicious yet superbly healthy baked goods. Yes, I am talking about cakes, nutella, cookies..a plethora of them. All this with-

NO Maida
NO Eggs
NO Butter
NO Sugar
NO Cream

Yup, imagine that. Baked goods that are sugar-free, gluten-free, made of ingredients such as Bajra, Jowar, Ragi, Honey, Almonds and more such nutritious ingredients. And when we tried some of them, we did not think, 'oh my God, what is this'. Rather we were delighted with  'oh dear God, how is this so good!'

We tried and utterly loved-

ENERGY BALLS- Oats, Flaxseeds, Coconut, Honey, Peanut Butter, Chia - true to their name, crunchy goodness),

HOMEMADE NUTELLA- This was 100% hazelnut, you realize what that means,right? The version we get in the market is barely 30-35% hazelnut. Imagine the difference. Clearly the winner of the afternoon for us. So dark and sinful, but no guilt at all because it is SUGAR-FREE (there is honey peoples) :D

NANKHATAI- Besan, Rawa, real Cranberries and Pista- delicious, no artificial flavor or excessive sugary aftertaste at all,

GLUTENFREE STAR LOAF- Made of mix of Ragi + Jowar + Bajra + Apple + Walnut + Cinnamon+ Coconut Crumble, my favorite :)

DARK CHOCOLATE BROOKIE- Brownie meets Cookie in this medley of Sea Salt Chocolate Brookie, niiiiiiiice :D

GRANOLA- My sister said this was the best granola she ever had, I wouldn't know because she finished it all alone :P Kidding, it was awesome. If you like granola, try this. If you don't like granola, try this. Just try this.

BANANA WALNUT CAKE- Base is made of Brown Rice but obviously we did not feel it any less delicious from any other banana cake we have ever had. Bananas, Walnuts, yum yum,

DARK CHOCOLATE LOAF - Ragi + Chocolate + Almond Meal + Choco-Chips + Almond Chunks, enough to make one salivate from memory,

Prices are a bit high because obviously only real ingredients are used, no shortcuts are used (no fillers, no sugar, no artificial colors etc.) and quality is top-notch. New recipes are being developed and you can always call Dr. Kasturi and place a personalized, customized order for your bakery needs. Bakeology delivers all over Mumbai and I know for sure where my next baked goods hamper is coming from :) 

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