Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Aromas Cafe Powai Mumbai Review | Coffee Pizza Pasta Cheesecake And More | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Aromas is an established name in the world of coffee for almost a decade now. This Powai outlet was the first one I visited with my friends when I lived nearby and always had a nice coffee + gup-shup. Getting an invite to try out some of their food offerings too brought back all those college time memories :D

Prominently situated in Hiranandani Gardens Powai, this is pretty spacious outlet with loads of food & beverage options, healthy as well as calorific. Service is cool, staff is very helpful and the Chef himself was very accommodating when we told him we wanted something different from the pasta options provided to us in the bloggers special menu. A glance at price card shows it is standard for an outlet of this caliber in this city of Mumbai. Quantity & quality wise, no issues with either food or beverage :)

Tried and loved-

JALAPENO NUGGETS- Cheesy to the hilt, just a tinge of spiciness, served with thousand island dip, it was all delicious, a bit too cheesy but who complains about cheese,right? :D (Maybe add some corn or zucchini to add a little crunch)

WOODCUTTERS PIZZA- Thin base crunchy pizza with Spinach + Corn + Jalapenos + Sun-dried Tomatoes,  loved the balance of flavors in here. The sauce they used was spicy so every bite had a kick, usually I am not into spicy food but this was really good. 

AGLIO OLIO PEPPERONCINI - Spaghetti in very basic preparation with olive oil, generous inclusion of bell peppers, olives, jalapenos, garlic, smattering of parmesan cheese, it was utterly wholesome, healthy, delicious. My sister does not like Spaghetti at all and she devoured this because it was so simple yet so delectable! Aromas Cafe convinced my sister to devour Spaghetti, that is worth an extra star in itself :D

For beverages we had -
COLD COFFEE- Creamy, not icy, good,
NUTELLA COFFEE - Hot, soul soothing, goooooooood,

For dessert, we tried their BAKED CHEESECAKE and it was nice, the presentation was especially masterful.

Overall, Aromas stays on my list of places to make memories with friends, with a side of coffee and delicious food. This hungry hippo happily recommends :)

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