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Delhi Highway Marol Mumbai | Authentic Royal Vegetarian Delhi Punjabi Feast | Times Square Andheri East | Food Review | Restaurant Review

visit to Delhi Highway was on my wish-list since 2 years now but stars just would not align for me to fix a visit here. A chance day-off for both me and my sister happened this week and we visited here with family for lunch review session, finally :D

Imposing architecture and elegant interiors welcomed us. Loved the utilization of space, artworks on the walls reminiscent of old Delhi forts and Royal Darbars, the color combination of golden and blue plus the cutlery with coppery layers. Very Indian, Very Delhi, Very Vintage. Instantly put us in a happy mood. Perfect place for families. Even the seats are beautiful. 

Staff is very polite and quick on their feet. The place was completely packed by 1.30 PM even on a weekday and service was still excellent. Menu has delicacies from Delhi-mainly Punjabi cuisine-with some fusion additions (pasta,tacos,cheese mushrooms etc.) and prices are very reasonable for quantity plus quality. Mainly the Thali here is very popular, but there is an a-la-carte menu too and we tried both the options.

--- Started with BEVERAGES (not a part of Thali)-

FRESH LIME SODA- Nice, I asked it to be mildly sweet and they obliged :)
SPICY GUAVA- Decent= Guava Juice, Tabasco Sauce, Worchestire Sauce, Sugar Syrup,
FRUIT PUNCH- Nice, not too cold = Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Fresh Cream, 
KOKUM MOJITO- A bit too cold for me, had ice slush on top, but dad liked it = Kokum, Mint Leaves, Lemon Juice, Soda, 
DELHI SPECIAL LASSI- My FAVORITE, Rich and creamy lassi, with dry fruits garnish, MUST-HAVE!
KESAR THANDAI- Another AMAZING drink = Milk, Saffron, Spices, MUST-HAVE, 
CHAAS- Excellent, came as part of Thali.

--- Moved onto STARTERS (part of THALI)-

The Thali comes with a long list of chaats and kebabs and if you are not careful, your stomach will be filled even before the main course arrives :P

BHALLA PAPDI CHAAT- Soft and Spongy Bhalla, Creamy Curd, Mint Chutney, Dates Chutney, Special Pulses and Coriander garnish, this was EXCELLENT,
MATAR KULCHE- Authentic Delhi style kulcha bread with green matar, decent, 
PANEER TIKKA- Very spicy Pesto marinated Paneer tikka, very soft, 
VEG KEBAB- Decent, I usually find all Kebabs dry, these were okay with the mint chutney alongside, 
TANDOORI ALOO- Tangy-Spicy Achari marination and smattering of cheese on top, will not be everyone's favorite, I personally found them okay but my dad does not like tangy flavor at all so he left this one uneaten, 
HARABHARA KEBAB- Just like veg kebab, decent, soft, filled with green peas mash, 
NARAM DIL KEBAB- BEST ONE, soft paneer mash, melt-in-mouth flavor inside, crunchy outside, 

--- Finally went to THALI MAIN COURSE -

PANEER BHURJI- EXCELLENT, Softest Paneer bhurji, creamy, mildly spicy,
VEG KOFTA CURRY- Decent, Veg Koftas in hearty tangy tomato-onion based gravy, 
DAL DELHI HIGHWAY- EXCELLENT, Famous Punjabi Black Daal, 
PINDI CHANA- Cooked Rawal Pindi style, a bit too tangy and full of achari-kinda flavor,
VEG BIRYANI- Nice but did not feel it was biryani, more like spicy pulao, 
Tandoori ROTI & PLAIN NAAN- Both were EXCELLENT, went well with all the curries.

Apart from Thali, we also tried some items from a-la-carte menu- 

MALAI KOFTA- Paneer, Mawa, Dry Fruits dumplings in creamy white gravy with a hint of sweetness, MUST-HAVE, this is one of the few places this was simply perfection, not unnecessarily sweet but very creamy, extremely delicious, my family's FAVORITE :)

SAFFRON SPICE- Paneer cooked in cashew nut and red gravy infused with saffron concentrate,it was okay, frankly we did not get any saffron flavor but the gravy was typical tomato-onions based spicy and again tangy achari-kinda flavorful,

MIX VEG KULCHA- GOOD, it was mainly stuffed with peas and a bit of onions, 


--- For DESSERTS, as part of Thali we had-

KESAR KHEER- EXCELLENT, Rich and creamy kesar kheer garnished with loads of dry fruits,

We additionally also had GULAB JAMUN stuffed with mawa and dry fruits, one of the BEST in Mumbai, extremely rich, delicious :)

>>> In summation, we had an excellent time with some superb delicacies. We have some relatives in Delhi and having visited them multiple times, we know how much they love the authentic Delhi Punjabi cuisine and how much they love their 'achari' flavors, their spices. So keeping that in mind, yes the food at Delhi Highway is very authentic, very Delhi style and excellent. Their Thali is also very value for money for the sheer quantity of items they provide.

But, here in Mumbai our tastebuds are a bit different and all the spices, all the tanginess, all the 'achari' flavor might get a bit too overwhelming for some people. Like-my dad did not finish a couple of dishes in Thali starters + main course section because he cannot stand tanginess in his food at all. For people like them, I would suggest go through the a-la-carte menu and choose dishes such as Malai Kofta that are flavorful without being too Delhi-ite! Also, food is very heavy because authentic Punjabi cuisine is not at all known for being healthy/light, so do keep that in mind and go here with enough hunger to eat a dinosaur :D   

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