Saturday 3 November 2018

Cafe Coffee Day Vikhroli Mumbai Review | Coffee Hot Chocolate Pizza Dessert Outing | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Welcome to another branch of Cafe Coffee Day so there is a similar theme through all the outlets, same color scheme, nothing to complain. It is colorful and vibrant. The outlet is spacious and seats are arranged far from each other for private communication. Staff is polite, helpful and quick in pointing out various offers to customers.

Walked in last Saturday evening with mom and sister for an impromptu evening coffee session. Liked the vibe. It is situated right beside a congested road but sitting inside we don't hear the hustle-bustle of the street, rather it is quite relaxed. Staff was in no hurry for us to order and we took our sweet time. My sister was having trouble redeeming some 'beans' (loyalty points) in her CCD app but the staff was very patient and ensured that those were redeemed.

We really liked all that we ordered. They have some new sandwiches, pizzas, cakes on the menu. Prices are as expected from CCD. Not too high, not too low. Service was neither rushed nor slow. Just right.

I had HOT GOURMET COCOA, it was not the best hot chocolate ever but it was good. It was definitely better than many hot chocolates that taste like Bournvita! Liked it. Hot. Soothed my soul.

Mom tried TOFFEE CAPPUCCINO and it was MARVELLOUS. Clear winner of the evening. Hot Cappuccino with distinct caramel-y taste. Sweet but not too sweet. My mom never likes coffee, she is completely a tea person, but she LOVED this.

We tried PIZZA which if I remember correctly, it was Mediterranean. It was very colorful with bell peppers, capsicum, onions, corn, tomatoes, jalapenos. Good amount of sauce, cheese could be more. A bit too tangy for my taste but my sister loved it. I would love addition of more crunch and maybe something like cottage cheese. 

Overall we liked our time being here :) 

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