Wednesday 10 January 2018

Macchiato R City Ghatkopar West | Hearty Continental Italian Mexican Vegetarian Meal | Food Review

Tucked away in a little isolat-ish corner of R City mall, Macchiato is actually surprisingly good when it comes to food! Upon entering, it seemed like a low key place with little rustic, little metallic and basic decor. There is an outdoor seating too but I am more of an indoor seating person, it is good to be outdoors when weather is nice so check it out. 

Staff is efficient, service is fast, there is a LCD screen playing sports, good pop and rock songs in the air, basically quite relaxed vibe. Good place to chill with friends. Menu has great options for everyone, from salads and soups to pizzas. Portions are huge and I think every dish can be easily shared among two light eaters.

We tried their fixed meal option at just around Rs. 700 and it was completely worth it, with a soup, appetizer, pizza/main course, this is more than enough for a hulk like me to burst to seams. If you are a light eater like my sister, you will not be able to finish this one alone! We had-

Minestrone Soup with vegetables, beans-this was less spicier than expected,I liked it; 
Green Velvet Soup with green peas and herbs- Liked this one even better,wholesome; 
Grilled Cottage Cheese with Chimichurri dip-Very soft cottage cheese, melt-in-mouth; 
Roasted Baby Potatoes in BBQ sauce-MUST-HAVE, how can potatoes taste so good :D; 
Roasted Cottage Cheese Pizza with Garlic and Cheese + Onions-AMAZING, smokey flavor, made us happy, we ordered an extra one to take home; 
Herb Crusted Cottage Cheese with Pepper Sauce and Herbed Butter Rice- Really good and a bumper portion dish, fragrant rice, crunchy veggies, soft cottage cheese, strong pepper sauce, all together made it really flavorful :)

Will definitely be back soon. 

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