Thursday 4 January 2018

AKA Bistro Fort Mumbai | Contemporary Global Cuisine | Food Review | Restaurant Review | Food Photography

Walk in a small lane of Kala Ghoda to find this little gem called AKA Bistro. Quaint, peaceful vibe with some old-time 'Bombay' decor mixed with cosmopolitan design, especially the gorgeous thread centerpiece spanning the entire length of grand staircase, it must glow like a jewel at night! At a lot of places, amazing ambiance is often followed by mediocre food but everything we tried here was top-notch and impressed us enough to want to come back. Choicest dishes were selected for our review session and they gave a tantalizing view of what AKA Bistro has to offer - contemporary global cuisine adapted to Indian palate, plated masterfully, priced reasonably (looking at quantity and quality as well as location!), served with a smile by very polite and efficient staff.

Started off with Small Plates-
Broccoli Cakes with Cherry Tomato Coulis = melt in mouth soft and wholesome, MUST-HAVE, 

Vegetarian Tasting Platter = Light meal for anyone with a mild appetite, this comes loaded with several delicious bites i.e.

i) Broccoli Cakes
ii) Tofu Taco with Raw Mango,Ginger Salsa and Sriracha Mayo - My personal FAVORITE, a bit tangy, a bit on sweeter side, this is one burst of flavors and textures, from crunchy to meaty, and leaves behind a yummy in the tummy feeling :)
iii) Forest Mushrooms On Toast - Creamy mushrooms on toast, enough said,
iv) Marinated Roasted Bell Peppers with Cream Cheese on Toast - tasted good enough, I prefer the mushrooms but my mom prefers these,
v) Mezze Platter with Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Toasted Pita - Hummus could be a bit smoother, but that is when I am forced to nitpick, otherwise a delicious platter light on stomach, subtle on flavors, as I like it :) 

After a long time, I ventured in the territory of burger with Stuffed Cottage Cheese Burger with Chilli Lime Pesto and Tahini Mayo = Even for a hungry hulk like me this one is very heavy breakfast. Generous cottage cheese chunks, flavors tilting on sweet-tangy side, good serving of fries too, burger lovers must dig this,

Up next, couldn't miss trying their One Pot Food concept! Zeroed down on Malaysian Curry with Sesame Rice, Coconut, Bok Choy, Baby Corn & Crispy Fritters = it was mildly flavored and close to authentic, lip-smackingly delicious and a complete meal for anyone, very value for money offering,

In the interest of not leaving any part of the menu untouched, we also tried their Large Plates, each large plate is also a complete meal for a hungry hulk like me -

Eggplant Ravioli with Pasta, Apples, Pine Nuts, Arrabiata Sauce, Parmesan = I am no eggplant lover but this one was really good. The crunch of pine nuts was especially gratifying. My sister, who loooooooves eggplant, nearly polished off the whole dish by herself.

For those not in mood for eggplant, go with Cannelloni that comes equipped with Mushroom, Spinach, Feta in Tomato Cream Sauce = not sure how authentic it is or not (will definitely update this part when I travel to Italy and have some cannelloni there) but this was reallllllly good, a burst of tangy tomato flavor overpowering everything else, sure but deliciously so :D

Bursting to the seams by now, we just took one last giant step to try out their desserts and it was a wise decision since both of these were light enough to accommodate in our stomachs without literally exploding-

Duo of Baked Yogurt = MUST-HAVE for these were in Cinnamon and Blueberry flavors, extremely light and mild but oh so soothing on our palate, such a satisfying end to this feast,

Chocolate lovers can blindly go for Flourless Chocolate Orange Fudge Cake = Gooey dark sinful chocolate fudge cake that warms the heart of any choco lover with smattering of orange swirl to give a hint of acidity. Not ashamed to say that I finished this all by myself :D #ChocolateIsBAE 

Oh before I forget, we washed all of this down with beverages too-

Two Tone Chiffon = Black Tea, Sugar Syrup, Lime Juice, Saffron Syrup all melding into one mild and refreshing drink

Orange & Mango Oolong Tea = Oolong Tea with orange peel, pineapple and mango essences, very mild, fruity, delicious fragrance, lovely silken feel, I would tag this as a MUST-HAVE, especially if you like subtle, aromatic tea flavors rather than strong coffee/other beverages :)

Overall, yes, we feasted on food enough for a small wedding party, and came out happy, recommending a visit here to all. Bon Appetit!

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