Monday, 15 January 2018

Freshmenu Lava Cake In A Jar | Royal Chocolate Dessert | Food Review | Favorite Recommendation

So Freshmenu has a plethora of dishes-salads, pizzas, pasta, meals and desserts in the menu, I have only ever tasted their dessert Lava Cake in a Jar and it is fantastic. My sister was in office and wanted a dessert at around 3 PM one afternoon about 6 months ago, so I ordered 2 jars of Lava Cake in a jar. Not only did she gobble them both down like a hungry wolf (and she does not even have a sweet tooth!), since then we have been reordering this particular dessert at least once every week to indulge in.

Imagine a sea of molten chocolate of the darkest variety, add some soft spongy lava cake bits in there, garnish with loads of nuts and dry fruits crumble, the resulting melody is what these guys serve in a little jar. It is impossible to share it with anyone :D

I like Freshmenu's website, the variety of dishes in there, some of them even come with the quantity of calories clearly specified! Ordering on their website is always a breeze and they often have discounts/offers running on so it is not very heavy on pocket either,plus it is delivered within 45 minutes every single time and whether we order 2 jars or 4 jars, they do not have any issues of 'oh you have to order this much worth'. I am just itching to try some other dishes from them. Soon, very very soon :D

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