Wednesday 23 August 2017

Parsi Food Festival | Pondicherry Cafe Sofitel BKC Mumbai | Khavanu Pivanu Majja Ni Life | Food Review

My second visit to Pondicherry Cafe within a month and these guys are still fantastic. This time, it is to review their Parsi Food Festival 'Khavanu, Pivanu, Majja Ni Life' and my sister, who usually does not like Parsi food much, loved it here so much that she is planning to go back before the festival gets over, that alone speaks volumes :)

Walk in on the ground floor of the luxurious Sofitel at BKC, enter the plush Pondicherry Cafe and take a moment to soak in the ambiance. Bright rich colors, beautiful view from the french windows, an array of food counters, and for the special occasion of Parsi New Year celebrations, a full-on old Irani cafe style decor replete with server uniforms, cheerful tablecloth, vintage knick-knacks from old Parsi homes, bullet bike and car exhibition et al. Puts you right in the mood to have some good ol' Parsi fare.

And the fare is good indeed. Usually Parsi food means non-veg dishes, but there are more than enough vegetarian options here to make us smile. So binge on the Salli Boti, Patra Ni Machchi and so on but don't forget to also try the Veg Dhansak, Vegetable Stew, Veg Chana Dal and my favorite- Patra Ni Paneer! Had 3 rounds of these. Steamed, Sweet-Spicy, luscious, unforgettable.

Among other favorites are their Soya Kebabs and Channa Pattice. Parsi food has a unique mix of spices and that 'home-made' feeling which has been perfectly replicated in these dishes here. I have a couple of Parsi friends from college and have tried veg Dhansak + Patra Ni Paneer earlier too, and the versions here had the same taste. So yes, the food is very authentic, lipsmacking :)

Apart from these, also try their Bun Maska, Laga nu Custard, and do not forget to sample the famous flavors of soda, the colorful bottles will catch your fancy at the entrance itself. Raspberry, Ice cream, Ginger, Orange- take your pick, my favorite is Raspberry :)

The buffet includes many other dishes too for those who want to stick to tried & tested/conventional fare, these are the ones I really liked-

Sweet Potato Mash,
Grilled Vegetables,
Stir Fried Vegetables in nutty sauce,
Veg Corn Pulao,
Veg Singapore Style Noodles,
Veg Paneer Tikka,
Veg Dimsum platter,
AND the whole dessert section is fantastic- specially recommended are their ChamCham, Ravo (Parsi Kheer), Dark Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Barfi and Pre-plated Financier :)

Very value for money looking at the quality of the buffet, the excellent service from beginning to end, very polite and helpful staff and our delicious experience here. Will surely be back. 

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