Tuesday 29 August 2017

Punjab Grill Family Fine Dine | Punjabi Food Wholesomeness | Food Review | Food Photography

Punjab Grill is definitely one of the best family dining places in Mumbai for Punjabi/North Indian/Mughlai style food, authentic, lip smacking, top notch quality and very good quantity. This is my first visit to this particular outlet and am anticipating more visits in future for the delicious food :) Ambiance is decent, views of Dublin Square are good, tables could be set a bit apart, I like how they have separate areas for family/big groups and couples :) Staff is very quick on their feet, well-trained and extremely polite, full marks to attentive service. Food is presented well apart from tasting sooo soooo good :D Prices a bit on higher side but definitely worth it for an occasion.


We started off with Khumb Pudina Shorba -Wild Mushroom Consomme Infused with Mint, Tempered with Pounded Garlic, light and lovely for a mushroom lover like me, especially recommended in monsoon and winters!

Alongside, we also tried some beverages- Kesar Pisteywali Lassi, Rola Cola (sweet-spicy,much like a mix of Jaljeera and Coca Cola, liked it), Virgin Mojito (decent, as expected, refreshing) out of which the tall glass of LASSI was stupendous with a rich inclusion of real Kesar and loads of dry fruits, all topped with a pedha! 2 glasses of this and meal is done even for a hippo like me :D

5 Stars for the array of starters here, will be coming back exclusively for them:-

Bharwaan Khumbh Peshawari - Large Handpicked Mushrooms stuffed with Pickle Spiced Paneer and Finely Minced Mushroom, I was afraid it would be too salty as many mushroom dishes are but this one was perfectly spiced, very juicy mushrooms,

Bhutteyan De Kebab-Steamed Corn Pearls, Blended with Fennel, Green Chillies, Flattened and Deep Fried, served with Chutney and Dips, did not look any extraordinary but every bite was oh-so-crunchy, loved it :D

Dahi ke Kebab- Hung Curd with Overtones of Cardamom and Coriander, fried golden, these were simply melt-in-mouth,

Veg Kurkuri-Wonton Skins filled with Cheese, celery, mushrooms, pine nuts, deep fried to crunchy gold, I am usually not much into Indo-Chinese dishes, but this cheesy concoction was yummy in the tummy :D

Paneer Tikka Multani-Tandoori Grilled, Infused with Fragrant Herbs, these were decent, Paneer chunks were huge and soft,

For the main course, we noshed on:-

Paneer Lababdar- Silken, Soft Paneer cubes dunked in Thick, Creamy Tomato Gravy with Onions and Bell Peppers, gently seasoned with rare herbs and exotic spices, a MUST-HAVE here, the gravy was impossibly creamy and delicious,

Dal Punjab Grill -Whole Urad Simmered overnight with a hint of Mustard oil, finished with Tomato puree and cream, tempered with fragrant Ghee, another MUST-HAVE, this is the typical Punjabi Dal that goes well with..anything or can be enjoyed even on its own :D

Subjiyaan De Millniyan- Fresh vegetable in semi-dry gravy, this is the mix vegetable to have when you are confused with the huge menu :D Dad loved this, apart from usual veggies,it also has wholesome mushroom chunks that brought a new level to the dish, really good,

Tarkari Kesari Biryani-Dum cooked, Baasmati rice enhanced with Saffron, Fresh Vegetables, one of the places where they really serve Biryani and NOT PULAO! And most importantly, those irritating Elaichi pieces in biryani? Yeah, not present here, so win-win :D Absolutely must-have,

Tandoori Roti, Lachcha Paratha (in whole wheat versions)- fragrant, soft, just as we like it,

Finally, to creme de la creme of the meal, the brilliant MUST-HAVE 5 Star Dessert Platter

Chocolate Gulab Jamun with a hint of nutella in the core, this one is incredibly rich, just 1 is enough to send anyone to foodie heaven,

Litchi ki Tehri with luscious dense Rabdi mixed with royal pieces of dry fruits, Litchi and Sultana, couldn't stop having it,

Phirni, hands down my favorite, dense, rich, not too sweet, amazing finish to a great meal :)

Whole family loved the dining experience and will be keeping it among our top places to revisit.

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