Monday 21 August 2017

Fun, Games, Experience To Remember At The Amazing Escape Andheri | Leisure & Entertainment

Lazy weekend. Have had enough of malls, movies, shopping? Want something new? How about a combination of games, puzzles and loads of fun with friends and family? How about donning detective hats like Sherlock Holmes and solving clues? Well, The Amazing Experience, newly opened at Andheri West, Mumbai is one such place, perfect for all ages, to spend a fun-filled day.
The concept is -a themed room, where a group will be locked in, and they have to use the given clues/puzzles to figure out a way to get out of that room in 60 minutes. Fret not, the puzzles are not as childish as to generate no excitement nor are they as tough as only Stephen Hawking can solve :D The themes are varied, from Illuminati-where the Pope has died and you have to prove that he was murdered, to Escape The Tomb, where you have to figure out the clues to reach the Pharaoh's tomb and escape before an ancient Egyptian curse locks you in the room forever! There is Bank Heist and Prison Break and Lost World too! 

We were a bunch of adrenaline junkie bloggers who experienced the 'Escape the Tomb' room and it was super-duper-fun. We worked like a team, solved the clues, got stuck many times, asked for extra help and moved through the maze like situation to escape after 61 minutes. And we are raring to go back to solve the clues in all the other rooms. We suggest this experience to all kids as well as adults who want to exercise their brain while having fun. It is a stress-buster of highest order and perfect for celebrating events such as birthdays or even corporate team training!

All in all, The Amazing Escape is definitely one of the best options to enjoy some hatke fun and frolic in Mumbai :) Get more details at The Amazing Escape .

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