Thursday 11 February 2016

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 - Part 1

I remember,almost a decade ago, when I was in college, I used to frequent Kala Ghoda Arts Festival with my classmates. It was a different world back then. It felt like a small group of utterly passionate,intensely talented people and a sort of secret shared by them. However, in the past few years,it has become larger than life! That is not a bad thing, not at all :) The canvas has grown manifold, but the spirit is still intact. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is perhaps the most awaited event in Mumbai's calendar now. It is where our souls are set free. Paintings, Installations, Dance, Music, Literature, Cinema, Children's workshops, Heritage Walks..there is something for everyone and long lines waiting in front of every venue is just a testament to how much we Mumbaikars have fallen in love with everything on offer here. For me,the highlight is always roaming through the art installations at Rampart Row and this year is no different. This is one stretch of road I can spend hours in :) My last year's Memories of Kala Ghoda are docmented HERE and what follows now on is just a glimpse of all the craziness I witnessed yesterday :)

That's an impressive Kala Ghoda,isn't it :)

Nope,these aren't the flags at Ladakh :D This is the breezy freedom at Kala Ghoda :)

The Tower of Babel, reinterpreted :)

Something to think about-children being molested mostly by those they trust...

If I were a woodpecker,this is where I would live forever :D 

Aah,look, it is Eiffel Tower,replete with love messages,smack in the middle of Mumbai :D 

The Universe, The Creation And So Much More :) Seems that I need to have another post to exhibit it all :D Here goes -> PART 2 :)

Also,if this post inspires you to explore Kala Ghoda a bit more, then do browse through THIS :) 

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