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Streax Pro Nutri Care Repair Max Masque Review | Beauty Product Review | Hair Care Product Review | Indian Beauty Lifestyle Blogger

Streax Pro Nutri Care Repair Max Masque is the latest in a series of hair products I have used in the hope of making my unruly, horribly dry, dandruff-prone, itchiness-prone hair behave in a normal manner. Got it on a whim when I was browsing through amazon while twirling my fingers through my hair that felt like haystack. So just bought it and here is how it worked on my hair.

Packaging of Streax Professional Vitariche Care Repair Max Masque is very simple, in a simple round jar. The colour of the mask itself is light pinkish/light orangish and it smells like any other commercial hair spa mask (basically it smells like a tub of fragrance chemicals). The jar looks secure enough to travel with.

Ingredients list of Streax Pro Nutri Care Repair Max Masque is a long whos-who of chemicals, starting from Cetearyl Alcohol to Methyl Paraben and everything in between. I saw Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein in there alongside Citric Acid and those are the only two beneficial ingredients I can think of. Rest, I am sure is going to harm me in the long run, but honestly I have seen the alternatives and almost every brand has same ingredients in their formulations. This is the price we pay for convenience in our modern lifestyle. 

Claims to revitalize dry hair with the help of 'Polymeric Conditioning Agents and Milk Protein' and give a healthy nourished look + shine to damaged hair. 

Availability of Streax Pro Nutri Care Repair Max Masque is not very common, I have not seen it in stores like Big Bazaar, it is available online on sites such as Amazon for Rs. 275 for 200 grams. 

Quantity is decent, last for 1 and a half month on my thick, very frizzy, very dry hair when used twice a week. Basically lasted 12 washes on my hair, may last more on yours if your hair is thinner/shorter/less frizzy/less dry. Value for money for me.

Usage - Instructed to use on hair from mid-length to ends (not on scalp) after shampooing while hair is still damp. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off. Also instructed to use it with shampoo from the same range but I honestly use my own favorite shampoo and keep changing conditioner/hair mask. I do not think it makes that much of a difference. I believe that every product has its own individual unique ingredients that will work irrespective of any other product of the same brand is used or not.

Effect - Every time I use a new product, I am very excited to see its results. Most of the time, I am not very disappointed but this time, I was. First of all, Streax Professional Vitariche Care Repair Max Masque looked good and smelled ok and I thought it will give same result as those hair spa masks in beauty salons. But it is a bit more liquid-y than a hair mask should be. On applying it, yes, my hair felt instantly smooth and soft and it also seemed to immediately clear all the tangles in my hair. I rinsed it off and air-dried my hair and it did feel good, but just for about a day. After 24-30 hours, my hair was again back to being super duper dry and frizzy. 

So for me, it was just a normal hair conditioner. I expect more from a hair masque. 

Moreover, I feel that after using this for 10 washes, I started noticing increased itching on my scalp. My scalp is naturally itchy, that is why I do not experiment much with shampoos or hair oils and I am not blaming Streax for my scalp problems. My scalp is riddled with dandruff, sensitivity and itchiness. But still I keep it under control most of the time by using my trusted combos of hair oils, essential oils and shampoos. I did get increased scalp itchiness couple of months ago and I cannot think of any other reason my scalp would itch (more than usual) other than this one new product that I started using at that time. Soon after I started noticing it, the product got over, and now my scalp is back to its normal level of itchiness. So I am definitely worried about that.

  • Moisturized hair, temporarily gave shine
  • Did not see increased hair fall after using it
  • Got 12 washes on my really thick, frizzy hair, value for money

  • Results did not last more than 30 hours at most on my hair
  • Worked like a normal conditioner rather than giving some extraordinary results like a good hair masque
  • I have a strong suspicion that it increased itchiness on my scalp
  • Not easily available, I buy it from Amazon 

Recommended -NO! Apart from the fact that Streax Professional Vitariche Care Repair Max Masque did nothing extraordinary for my hair, I suspect it increased itchiness on my sensitive, itchy scalp. Rating is 2.5/5.  

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