Monday 8 October 2018

D Rajnikhant Dosa Vile Parle Mumbai | Vegetarian Classic & Fusion Dosa Delights | Rajnikant Meets The Khans | Food Review

What happens when Rajnikant meets THE Khans, Tollywood meets Bollywood and good ol' Dosa meets Pasta/ Pav Bhaji/ Manchurian/ Palak Paneer....

Well, that is what we found out at D Rajnikhant Dosa this weekend over an evening of too much fun, food and frolic. A menu with more than 50 varieties of dosas, right from the classics (Masala, Mysore Masala etc.) to mind-boggling range of fusion dosas right from Pav Bhaji, Maggi Cheese Burst, American Chopsuey to Paneer Pasta, Paneer Bhurji, Cheese Chocolate and everything in between. Phew! We need to make atleast 5-6 more visits to try all their varieties.

It is a very small but cute place situated close to Vile Parle Station (East), with a total capacity of 10-12 people (including both indoor as well as outdoor seating) and the place is packed on weekends. Still, the staff is on their toes, the chef in the open kitchen smiles while churning out delicious dosas at super-speed, service is fast, ambiance is upbeat and prices are extremely reasonable (ranging from Rs. 60 to 180). Even for a very hungry hippo like me, 2 dosas from here is more than enough as dinner.

My sister, my mother and myself were part of review session here and we tried-

MASALA DOSA - Mom's ultimate FAVORITE, perfectly crispy dosa with generous dose of potato-onion masala and delicious chutneys alongside, 

KOLHAPURI DOSA - Another one mom liked a lot, it basically has crispy dosa with a layer of masala inside and veg kolhapuri style gravy masala (with generous cheese) served alongside, making it a full fledged meal just like having normal naan-gravy combo (except here naan has been replaced with dosa). Innovative and tasty. I am not much into spicy dishes and I feared Kolhapuri would be very spicy but surprisingly it was not, quite mild actually and enjoyable :)

PANEER CHOW MEIN DOSA - My sister's FAVORITE. If you love desi chinese and you love paneer, then do not miss this! Think of the most delicious plate of chowmein you have ever had,now mix soft paneer, cheese, some spices in there and stuff them all inside freshly made crispy dosas. See what I am talking about? This is basically how all innovative dosas are here. Lip-smacking good.

D RAJNIKHANT DOSA SPECIAL - MY 1st FAV. If your mind boggles on seeing the vast menu and you cannot choose what to try, GO. FOR. THIS. Dosas stuffed with cheese, paneer, mix vegetables such as corn, capsicum. Presentation is unique and facilitates sharing with friends too. I say go here with many friends so you can try out dozens of varieties at one time :D

CHOCOLATE DOSA - My 2nd FAV. Now here is where a chocoholic like me draws a line at sharing. This is good enough to be hogged all alone. Dosa with a layer of molten dark chocolate and drizzled with dark + milk chocolate + choco chips. Think of it as desi version of decadent chocolate crepe. The best thing is, it is not too sweet and chocolate is not overwhelmingly dark. It is chocolatey enough to make sweet addicts like me happy and mildly sweet enough to make people like my sister happy too (she does not have a sweet tooth). Basically, MUST-HAVE ♥ (only con- it is messy to eat because chocolaaaaaate :D)

Honestly, we walked in thinking we might get some half baked over cheesy versions of dosa but what we got instead were delicious, generously portioned, well thought out, distinctly flavored dosas we could not stop eating. Hungry Hippo gives a thumbs up ♥

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