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Punjab Grill BKC Mumbai | Royal Vegetarian Punjabi Feast | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Punjab Grillone of those places that need no introduction. The brand name that is synonym with elegance, royal hospitality and of course super-delicious food. Their new branch at BKC is no different. It is spacious, shimmers in golden hues, has comfortable seating options for couples as well as families, a vast menu with choicest Punjabi delicacies for veggies as well as non-veggies. 

Staff is constantly on their feet, nothing amiss in their hospitality. Even weekdays get packed so sometimes service can get really slow. But hey they also have LIVE music (at least they did last Friday) so that kept us entertained :D This was a review session but we stole a glance at their menu and prices are same as other branches, a bit on higher side, totally worth the complete experience here.

Started off with DRINKS-

-- Nariyal Paani Cucumber Detox- I loved it, simple and soothing to my nerves, since that evening had been crazy and we reached here really late, but this immediately made me feel fine :)

-- Coffee Mocha Shake- My coffee addict sister liked it a lot, basic cold coffee with some cocoa element.

-- Kesar Pistawali Lassi - If you have a small appetite, beware because this is a complete meal. Solid Punjabi Lassi, thick, delicious, loaded with dry fruits and love :D

-- Blueberry Frozen Margarita- My sister loves blueberry flavor and Margaritas, but she said this one was simple Blue Lagoon, not even remotely blueberry!

-- Pineapple-Coconut Juice- Healthy option chosen by mom, simple, pure, had a lot of pulp from both pineapple and coconut making it fibrous, really healthy :)

For SOUP, had-

-- Khumb Pudina Shorba- Light broth with distinct solid Mushroom flavor, but very little mint and a lot of pepper pods that made it strong. If you like mushrooms, go for it.


--Paneer Multani Tikka- My absolute FAVORITE. Paneer in beautiful silky creamy marination, grilled in tandoor to perfection. So wholesome.

-- Quinoa Methi Tikka- Healthy twist to Veg tikkas. LOVED it. Mildly spicy but delicious. Like all Tikkas, a bit dry, but went really well with accompanying mint dip/chutney. 

-- Tandoori Malai Broccoli - Oh God, if you love broccoli, do NOT miss this! Huge broccoli chunks doused in a lot of cheese, cream, curd concoction and grilled in tandoor, a bit on sweeter side because of all the cream, so soooooo good :)


-- Dal Punjab Grill- The CLASSIC. Slow simmered kali daal, full of butter and cream and loads of Punjabi love, this is always a must-have, this dal at Punjab Grill is probably the most famous dish here. It goes well with everything, be it rice or roti and infact it tastes delicious on its own too. Can drink buckets :D

-- Pyaazwali Bhindi - While generally speaking, people think of Punjabi food as ultra-rich, fattening, calorific but this is one of the many dishes available here that bring the home-cooked food taste. It is simple, not unnecessarily doused in spices/masala/gravy and really tastes like grandmom made it. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Down to earth and MUST-HAVE dish :)

-- Malai Kofta- Soft Koftas filled with cottage cheese, dry fruits, cardamom, immersed in creamy saffron-y, fragrant gravy, garnished with pista. Another ROYAL classic. On sweeter side of course but not sugary at all.

--Butter Naan and Zafrani Naan- Both were delicious, I personally like Butter Naan more but my mom liked the Zafrani Naan more, so it is about personal preference.


-- Gulab Jamun- These were the mini versions. Were decent. I prefer the big gulab jamuns I have had here earlier, those are divine!

-- Phirni- Good! Mildly sweet, creamy, well cooked, served chilled. Good for people like my sister and mom who do not have sweet tooth and just want something simple.

Overall, had a beautiful meal here and will certainly be back :)  

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