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Foodie Disappointment Review | Pure Milk Centre Ghatkopar East | Food Review | Restaurant Review

After months of hearing great things about Pure Milk Centre, decided to land here with sister and friends, one of whom was giving his birthday treat. Situated at Vikrant Circle which is probably the only happening place in Ghatkopar East area, it was packed to the brim on Sunday evening with a waiting time of 20 minutes. The 6 of us were just whetting our appetite looking at all the happy young faces around. Big Mistake.

After 15 minutes, we got a table in the indoor AC section. Small place with indoor and outdoor seating, indoor is just a little bit more expensive than outer. But since it was a birthday party, we splurged. Very polite staff. Very fast service. On the table, we had the normal menu as well as a photo menu showing delicious pics of many items from their menu. Prices seemed a bit excessive. Menu has hundreds of dishes, mostly they are variants of dosas, sandwiches, rolls, chaats. 

The birthday boy decided on the items to order. Here is how it went-

-- SAMOSA CHAAT - The only item we all truly enjoyed. Generous portion, it was enough to feed 2-3 hungry souls. Loads of samosas, sevv, dahi, good balance of tangy,sweet,sour chutneys. Too good.

-- PANEER PASTA GRILLED SANDWICH - Oh God, we were in trouble the moment we looked at the size of this. It was HUGE! And on top of it, loaded with CHEESE! Cheese inside, cheese outside, oozing everywhere. Good taste of soft paneer and pasta coming through but we were done in 2 bites.

-- MUGGA LAYERS - We asked the staff what it was and we were told it is a big mug full of layers of cheese, grilled exotic veggies such as carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, another layer of pasta, another layer of noodles and masala. Sounded interesting. It does come looking just as described. Just its size is enough to give a heart attack to anyone. Easily can feed 4 hungry people. Again, cheese cheese and more cheese. 

The taste of exotic veggies was lost in cheese. On top of the mug, there was generous quantity of paneer too which I loved. But when we finished half the mug, we realized neither the cheese, nor the exotic veggies, nor the paneer reached to the bottom of the mug. Bottom half was just filled with masala noodles which was too spicy for us. So we left that unfinished. Moreover, the next day almost all of us had a little case of 'Delhi belly' (masala noodles, you can imagine!)

-- MYSORE MASALA DOSA - Finally we decided we had enough of all the cheese. So we browsed through the menu to find something with no cheese, it was very difficult but we zeroed down on our humble dosa. When it arrived, it looked good. And then, disaster. Anybody who has ever been to an udipi knows what mysore masala tastes like. Here the masala was simply the veggies mash used in Pav Bhaaji! And again, TOO SPICY. Sambhar and Chutney served alongside maybe the worst I have tasted alongside Dosa in Mumbai. This was no Dosa, ladies and gentlemen. It was a travesty. Had to leave it unfinished.

-- WAFFLE UTTAPAM - Birthday boy had decided this looked good on menu and it did look nice. Another dish again with no overuse of cheese. Basically uttapam made in waffle shape. Sprinkling of some veggies and cheese slivers on top made it taste decent. Again sambhar and chutney alongside was downright bad, something alien, not even remotely resembling what we get in udupi. But atleast uttapam was decent.

Total damage for birthday boy less than Rs. 2000 and enough quantity for 8-9 people. What 5 Spice does for chinese food, this place does for cheesy stuff. Too much quantity. But quantity does not make us ignore the fact that basically this place is just a magnet for cheese lover. There is cheese in literally everything which also makes one full quickly. 2 bites and our brain started screaming 'enough cheese, have something else!' And when we had normal dosa-uttapam, it was not impressive. 

Also, we would like to suggest to the staff to let people know before ordering how huge the quantity is going to be. All around us we saw people unable to finish their food. Staff is polite and always keeps asking 'Did you not like it?" but the thing is, quantity is so huge and everything has SO SOOO SOOOO much cheese that nobody can finish anything!

Basically, we went here hoping for some 'innovative' cuisine but what we got is normal stuff oozing with cheese. Not something great in our opinion. But anyway this is not a place that runs based on reviews. It has its own cult following and they will continue to thrive because our generation just wants cheese inside and on top of everything :P So yeah, this is the best place for that :D 

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