Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The London Shakes Ghatkopar Mumbai | Food Review | Ultimate Summer Thirst Quenchers

Had couple of shakes from here 2 weeks ago, my family loved it all. These shakes have an old-world feel to them (packaging is done in glass bottles like old-time milk bottles), they are rich, dense, very very calorific (so not for health freaks) and bit on the more expensive side. Delivery was done within half an hour to my house and none of the bottles were damaged in transit, they were all chilled too making them perfect for these scorching summers. 

We absolutely fell in love with AFGHANI DRY FRUIT SHAKE that comes in a small bottle but it is so dense, it is like a mini meal in itself, loaded with dry fruits (especially had an aftertaste of dates, I guess that is why it is called afghani)-100% WILL REORDER :)

Similarly, KESAR BADAM SHAKE was fabulous and we chose big bottles for these, it was the most delicious mix of milk, saffron, almonds and even little pieces of pista in there, RECOMMENDED for the summers especially, again a mini meal in itself (must have at least 1500 kcal in there but still so much better option than drinking sugary sodas in summer!). Have to use a spoon with this one to shake the dry fruits loaded till the top, LOVED IT to the core ♥

Finally, had the vintage CHOCOLATE SHAKE (big bottle) and it was very good too, dense chocolate shake the way we like it.

Frankly, both AFGHANI DRY FRUITS & KESAR BADAM shakes are worth 5 stars. We will be reordering these atleast once every week from now on, even though they are on expensive side. But the only reason I am giving 3.5 stars is because of their COLD COFFEE. We had HAZELNUT COLD COFFEE and we chose big bottle, but when it was delivered, we saw that the coffee filled only HALF BOTTLE, the rest half was only foam! Other shakes were filled to the brim but this was disappointing. HAZELNUT flavor was good, we liked cold coffee but because of getting only half bottle cold coffee (despite paying more for bigger size), felt very cheated. Please look into this! Nobody wants to receive a big bottle of shake with half of it filled with foam! Look at the pictures, you can clearly see the half filled bottle of cold coffee :(

Apart from this, no complaints and we will definitely try their other shakes, we love their premium quality. 

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