Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Friends Bench All Day Cafe Vile Parle Mumbai | Vegetarian Cheesy Deliciousness | Food Review | Food Recommendation

Pause your life for a moment and just think about your high school and college days. Remember eating cheesy stuff without a care in the world, playing UNO and Hangman for hours, playing truth or dare, singing and dancing in the canteen like there was no tomorrow? The Friends Bench All Day Cafe aims to bring back those days, no matter what your age :) 

Situated near Vile Parle station, this is one cute small place to relax and become a teenager again. Loads of drool-worthy cheesy dishes on the menu, forget calories, play board games, read some books, enjoy some cool pop music, talk to your friends (face to face!) and basically have a good time. Staff is extremely polite and helpful, service can get slow sometimes BUT is not exceedingly slow AND food is prepared fresh in the open kitchen so the aroma keeps one ready to eat like a hippo :D 

We tried a lot of dishes and the staff was helpful enough to give us small portions of appetizers for this review session, so when you look at the pictures of all the starters just remember that real portions are 3 times what we had :) Price wise, not very expensive considering the location, quantity and quality. We tried and loved-

PEACH PASSION ICE TEA (refreshing, not too sweet, summery delight)
COLD COFFEE (just the way cold coffee fanatics like it)
POPCORN SHAKE (no words, Just Have It!)
AVOCADO SHAKE (a healthy twist, another summery delight)

Every drink was PERFECT, served in tall glasses, strong flavors as expected, these are also mini-meals for any light eater. Popcorn Shake is a must-have according to my sister, its butterscotch-caramel flavor lingers on palate for days :D

STUFFED BEETROOT KEBAB - Minced Grilled Beetroot with a dash of Mint Mayo, Delicious, could use a minty dip alongside,

PANEER KURCHAN TARTS - Tarts with Indian spiced Paneer, cheesy and delicious, but felt a bit dry, again, could use a minty dip alongside, its presentation has a WOW factor,

HONEY CHILLY POTATO - Crispy Potatoes tossed in Garlic and Honey Chilly Sauce, PERFECT, MUST-HAVE, crispy deliciousness,

PIZZA CUP CAKE- Cheesy cupcakes with Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella, if you love pizzas, this is a MUST-HAVE for you :D

LASAGNE ROLL UPS -Stuffed rolls with cheesy lasagne served with honey chilly dip, another MUST-HAVE especially for that dip that elevates the taste of rolls.

LAZY LASAGNA - Pasta layers with spicy tomato sauce, generous mozzarella & grilled vegetables, very delicious, generous portion for 2 hungry souls, my sister thought it was a bit saltier than expected but honestly we both are very sensitive about salt, our friend who accompanied us loved it as it is, 

NUTELLA LASAGNA- Imagine Chocolate chips, dense Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Pancakes and LOADDDDDDDDDS of Nutella all over it....If you go here and NOT have this, you my friend have committed the biggest sin in the world :P Beware, needs 3 people to finish it, Must-Must-MUSTTTTTTT HAVE here ♥♥♥

The staff is very interested in taking feedback and using it constructively to improve dishes. This just adds to the positive ambiance here. Makes it a worthwhile place to go to especially with friends. Recommended to all foodies. I will be going back with my friends soon :)

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