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Punjab Grill Fort Mumbai | Food Review | Rustic Royal Punjabi Food Fiesta | Food Photography | Restaurant Review

Foodie Royalty- Thy name is Punjab Grill :)

Upscale casual ambiance in beautiful Kala Ghoda area, extremely attentive and helpful staff, rustic Punjabi folk music in the background and a vaaaaaaast menu replete with something for everyone be it food or drinks, this in a nutshell is Punjab Grill. 

Was here for a review session couple of days ago and am still in foodie heaven, special thanks to the unbelievably humble Chef who helped us out by suggesting the best dishes and also ensuring smaller portions for us (even then, we reached food coma by end of starters round only!). Frankly, Punjab Grill needs no introduction, suffice to say that this outlet too is ensuring the flag of hearty Punjabi hospitality and taste keeps flying high.

Started off with some choicest drinks, they have an excellent bar selection and you can try out their offerings before placing final order, staff is very helpful in suggesting the best options too. 

I don't prefer alcohol but their WHITE WINE SANGRIA was extremely refreshing, especially considering how hot the afternoon was and what a long distance we had traveled,

My sister finished PUNJABI KRANTT in a jiffy with Vodka, Orange and Lime making it another light, refreshing choice for a sultry afternoon,

For those who like beer on their palate, do try their FRUZZANTE CIDER, light, fruity (chikoo fruit), balance between beer and wine,

I also loved their ROLA COLA MOJITO, sharp cola fizz felt like just the thing I needed at the end of a royal meal, and then we followed it with SHIKANJI which is age-old Punjabi respite for summers, loved it too :)

For soup, KHUMB PUDINA SHORBA is excellent for anyone who loves wild mushrooms, it is light yet flavorful and served with a kulcha alongside,

For starters, if you like broccoli, do not miss TANDOORI BROCCOLI Malai Maar ke, the biggest broccoli bunches possible marinated in cheese+cream+curd combo, very slightly on sweet side, absolute LOVE,

ALOO DI TUK i.e. Fried Potatoes with chaat masala sprinkled all over will bring back memories of monsoon pakode with families,

MULTANI PANEER TIKKA is just what every paneer lover dreams of, huge juicy well marinated chunks of paneer, grilled to perfection, the ultimate Tandoori delicacy,

DAHI DE KEBAB i.e. golden crusted curd + cardamom + mild spices combo is on sweeter side, good for those who possess an affinity for sweeter things (like I do),

BHUTTEYAN DE KEBAB i.e. sweetcorn +fennel + chillies + lime combo was my sister's fav,she is a sweetcorn fanatic :P (Very mildly on sweeter side this one too,it is sweetcorn afterall!)

The surprise package for us was TANDOORI SHAKARKANDI i.e. roasted sweet potatoes with mild spices and chaat masala sprinkled, we all know sweet potato is not a versatile ingredient, but here it is presented with an outstanding sweet curd based dip with pomegranates and it is just smashing, MUST-HAVE dish :) ♥

SPECIAL NOTE of appreciation for the chutneys, achaars and fryums they serve complimentary, made our meal better, especially loved their mango lachhedar sweet chutney, my favorite of the lot :)

For main course, we started with PANEER LABABDAR with really delicious tomato-cream-cashew gravy, it was silky and paneer was really soft too, we just thought that paneer felt a little bland, but this is actually a very minor thing and actually the only thing we felt was a little lacking in the face of everything else that was amazing, we conveyed it to the Chef who very graciously took it in his stride, so I am sure next time this will be amazing too :)

Up next all the dishes that we had possessed the asli ghar wala swaad! I have had many punjabi friends and have tried many dishes at their home and literally everything here tasted like it was made in their kitchen, there was NO OVER-USE OF OIL, GHEE OR BUTTER in anything except their famous daal which we all know is made that way. So have to say this, it was a very homely main course for us and we loved it even more for that :)

BAINGAN KA BHARTA-no explanation needed, just how our moms make it,

TORI DI SUBZI- Anyone who knows what a 'rasdar' subzi is will love this medley of ridge guard, tomato, onions in light homestyle curry,

ALOO PALAK- For those who do not want to forego health for taste, blindly ORDER THIS! Homestyle spinach, potatoes, onions etc. it has a slightly bitter edge (that IS how it is supposed to be) and goes well with any Indian bread :)

DAL PUNJAB GRILL- Not ordering this would be a crime, this slow-cooked-for-hours delicacy of kaali daal + rajma + tomato + cream + butter, yes it is loaded with calories but please do not count calories and just have this ♥

Alongside, we had TANDOORI LACHCHA PARATHA, MISSI ROTI and GARLIC NAAN, each bread baked to perfection and so fragrant, went well with all the main course sabjis and daal,

Even though we were nearly bursting by now, there is always some space for dessert :P 

We tried KALAKAND, KESARI PHIRNI and GULAB JAMUNS and each one was perfect. If you like lighter dessert, go with Phirni, otherwise go with Kalakand or eternal favorite hot piping gulab jamuns.

And FINALLY, a lovely PAAN SHOT for the most refreshing end to a royal meal!

A must-visit place for every foodie family ♥ 

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