Saturday 2 April 2016

Online Shopping Made Memorable With Cashback From Cashkaro

Who doesn't love shopping? :D With the advent of technology, online shopping has transformed our lives! We get to shop from the comfort of our homes, enjoy discounts, free shipping, saving time and energy that would be otherwise spent stuck in traffic battling pollution or pushy sales associates etc. etc. But we have limited paychecks too,right? So how do we maximize our shopping while minimizing our expenditure? Simple! With Cashback and Coupons via Cashkaro :)

Now,this is not a sponsored post. Yes, I am a member of Cashkaro and if you become a member by clicking on my link,I would benefit. BUT even if you don't, I will still talk about them in glowing terms, of my own accord, simply because I have benefited a lot by using them and genuinely want everyone to reap the benefits :) I know there are a lot of Cashback and Coupons websites out there. But Cashkaro is the one I have stuck out with the longest and today I realized that in past 1 year, I have saved & earned close to Rs. 9,000 simply by clicking on Cashkaro website before I shop online. This is what triggered my gushing post today :D

Going back to the basics, Cashkaro is a website where one becomes a member for free in literally 2 minutes. Just enter your name, email, password or join in via facebook and voila, you are ready for business! (Side note-ALWAYS make sure to note down your password for every website you join in,never take it for granted,keep changing them at regular intervals!)

Now it has almost every important online shopping website in its directory-Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Snapdeal, Zivame, MakeMyTrip, Healthkart, Nykaa, Paytm, Freecharge, Foodpanda, Zivame and manyyyyy more. There are more than 1000 websites here where we can shop, save & get cashback. How cool is that :D It is thus my second nature to simply log onto Cashkaro every time I wanna shop. Just search for the website you wanna shop on and marvel at the list of discounts on offer PLUS cashback offer! The cashback varies from website to website and within website also,different categories have different offers. All of it is listed clearly. No room for confusion here. For example-I am going to shop on Zivame right now. So here I logged into my account, clicked on Zivame and just saw this huge list of all the coupons and cashback offers :)

Now I want to check out the End of Season Sale,so I click on that and it shows me the terms & conditions plus coupon code (if any)! 

Now I click on 'I understand,visit retailer' and that's it,Zivame opens up in a new window where my link from cashkaro website is being tracked. Now all I need to do is shop to my heart's content and earn cashback!

Does this look like a lot of work? Ofcourse it does :D In fact, a year ago,I remember looking at the whole cashback process and thinking, 'Ugggh,so I click here and then I click there and then I shop and then I wait 2-3 months for the cashback to come into my account? Too much work!' But then, a friend of mine asked me to give it a try,just once. I did. It takes a total of  3 extra minutes and I save EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

At one glance,it might not look like a lot. The cashback is either 100-200-300 rupees per transaction or it is in percentages of 2-10 or maybe more. So if you calculate it,per transaction,it might not come to a lot. BUT it BUILDS UP! On an average, every person shops at least once a week online. I know I do a lot more than that. Even if I spend Rs. 10,000 in shopping online every month and I get only Rs. 100 as cashback, it still adds up to Rs. 1200 in a year! And this is a very low estimate. I shop for at least Rs. 20,000 worth every month from Flipkart, Amazon, Healthkart, Zivame, Lenskart and it adds up so fast and all for an extra 3 minutes I spend logging onto Cashkaro and clicking on the website I wanna shop from :) In past 4 months alone, I have earned close to Rs. 2300, doing nothing extra! Here is an example of how much I have earned in cashback in the month of August 2015 alone. Even saving Rs. 3-4 per transaction means a lot. After all, money doesn't grow on trees,right? 

Best part of it all, the cashback is deposited directly in my bank account :D A lot of times, we shop at some place and get discount vouchers or we get vouchers that are redeemable only when we shop from there the next time! Here, I have earned cashback that is real,solid cash,deposited in my back account,always within 2 days of requesting it :) So far, I have requested cashback thrice and got it like clockwork. Once I had a little trouble when the cashback was not reflecting in my account when I shopped for something from Groupon (now it is Nearbuy) and I dashed off an email to Cashkaro customer service, they replied within 2 hours! That is how good they are :)

So whether it is about shopping or saving or excellent customer service, Cashkaro is definitely a must-check out platform for one & all. Don't forget, become a member and spread the word among all your friends and family members too, as you will get a 10% of all their cashback as referral earnings,for life! Shopaholic or not, this is one website nobody should miss :) 


  1. I shopped once using this through zivame and it has been a year i guess, cashback never got status update as well and no replies on mail, i felt like cheated...may be they have improved the site now..i would give it a try once more..

    1. Oh! That's bad! Once my credits from Groupon were not showing in my account but when I emailed,they promptly replied and looked into the matter. It is better to contact them first through twitter/facebook, they get prompter maybe because things get really viral really fast on social media and everybody hates negative publicity :D All the best!


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