Friday, 1 April 2016

Summer 2016 Fashion Shopping Fiesta With LimeRoad

It took me a long time to get on the fashion bandwagon. Maybe I am not born with it :D I just never have been the person who would shriek with delight at the sight of something pretty. But then God decided to be smart about it (or atoning for his mistake of not giving me a fashion gene :P) and sent me a younger sister :P She makes me go shopping with her! And she has done this for almost a decade now. And she is a girl. She is a Disney Princess actually, replete with the incessant shrieking on seeing anything pretty. So after constant training,finally I have managed to activate my long-dormant fashion gene and now I get this strange feeling on seeing something pretty. Mind you,I still do not get the urge to shriek and swoon unless I am watching a Chris Pine movie (probably never will :P) but still, this is progress,right? :D

The most direct result of this progress has been my increasing inclination to go window shopping or even online fashion shopping. These activities would have elicited gasps of horror from me 10 years ago,but how the times have changed :D It was my sister only who introduced me to some of the best dens of fashion shopping online which have now become my staple. The first of these was LimeRoad which I still consider a hallmark as it is something unique in an increasingly crowded space. 

The idea behind LimeRoad is simple. It makes fashion fun and shopping rewarding. It has got the most beautiful & affordable merchandise, most tempting offers and they let us,the customers create our looks/scrapbooks, share them with everyone on social media, get feedback, earn credits when somebody shops from our scrapbooks and so much more. Trust me when I say this, I have not seen a more engaging shopping experience elsewhere till date. From apparels & accessories to home decor & beauty products,it has got it all and it is so addictive! It is akin to sitting with a group of friends and browsing through so much beauty and creating scrapbooks, doesn't it sound like memories of sweet childhood? Honestly, it reminds me of summer,honeydew and lemonades and it is bewildering how a website can cease to be just another token of technology and rise to become a social experiment in itself. I just cannot believe it took me so long to get hooked onto it considering how tech savvy I have always considered myself :P 

Especially love how affordable LimeRoad makes for us to dress up like Celebrities. This sudden trigger for love for LimeRoad is actually the release of the movie Ki and Ka as all looks of Kareena Kapoor are available here! Just look, her various fashionable looks decoded for us and all of this is available at price points of Rs. 1000-2000-3000 and so on! Party? Office? Casual? Let it be any occasion, LimeRoad has the perfect ensemble :) This is especially awesome for someone like me who might have a fashion gene missing and would otherwise spend hours stuck on finding something extraordinary and worthy of a fashionista (it is literally like searching for a needle in a huge haystack for us :D)

Also, having shopped at LimeRoad a couple of times already, I know all about their brilliant packaging, timely delivery and excellent customer service. Since today was a day my boss decided to give me very light workload, I decided to utilize the free time by indulging in some long overdue shopping fiesta :D This is actually for a friend who is shifting to Mumbai very soon and when I introduced her to LimeRoad,she went crazy :D She is one sunny gal so I am hoping these looks would suit her personality to the T. Go ahead, have a look at the scrapbooks I made and browse through LimeRoad while I come up with more options to make my friend's summer brighter :)

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