Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Pizza Box Mumbai | Pizza Garlic Bread Pasta & More Cheese Overload | Food Review | Food Photography

Honestly,one of the best pizza places I have been to in recent times. Situated on main road, quite easy to spot, it is a colourful small place with indoor + outdoor seating for around 15-18 people, very quick and soft-spoken staff, and a menu choc-a-bloc with pizzas, sides, pasta, beverages-basically loads of stuff that comes under the heading of 'guilty pleasures' and 'forget the diet,take a chill pill'. Be it quantity or quality, this place is completely value for money. 

We started off with beverages and recommend the very refreshing Green Apple Mocktail (mom’s favourite) as well as Lemon Iced Tea which had the balanced citrusy flavour I wanted.

Among starters, we heartily recommend-

PANEER STROMBOLI – Mildly spicy, achari tikka flavoured Paneer and Cheese combo baked in bread like a wrap, how heavenly does this sound! Tastes even better.
PULL APART GARLIC BREAD- Share this among 3 people easily, loads of cheese and garlic, little smattering of herbs, easily the best I have ever had.
JAIN CROSTINI- Scrumptious combo of sweetish cream-cheese, American corn and kick of green chilli, every bite has a sharp sweet-spicy surprise = a MUST-HAVE. If you get hiccups by little pieces of chillies (my mom does), you should keep a sweet beverage by your side while having this one (mom did) :D

When we think of pizzas, we think of generous toppings, ample cheese, hearty flavours, right? On all these counts, Pizza Box delivers yummy perfection. Nope, it is not ‘imported from Italy, drizzled with organic truffle oil’ level of perfection, it is ‘Oh those paneer pieces were damn good and the smoky mushroom flavour refuses to leave my palate and I can have 2 more slices easily even though my stomach is about to burst’ perfection :D

We tried Half & Half 9” i.e. 6 slices of fiery HOT HEAD PIZZA + wholesome BBQ PANEER-MUSHROOM PIZZA. While hot head had a crunchy combo of colourful Bell Peppers, Chillies, Jalapenos and Onions, the barbecued flavour of paneer + rustic mushrooms was brilliant too. We LOVED both versions as the toppings, the flavour of all the veggies, the consistency of sauce, the fluffy crust and hot bubbling cheese, everything was just right. It had a homely feel too and next time, we would be trying their cheese burst crust (because who can ever have enough cheese :P)

We were completely full by now but were offered to try their new innovation of FRIED PIZZA which frankly looked too appetizing to pass up. Basically remember those fried bread pakodas we all love? Just apply the same logic to pizza. Fried pizza slices with stuffed veggies inside and a generous layer of creamy cheese on top, this is one heavy dish that needs to be shared among 4-5 people atleast. It is very different from usual pizza, I think it can be a hit if the stuffing inside is also customized with paneer, bell peppers, onions etc. Quite a good idea, and has about a million calories too!

I did not come here expecting anything gourmet and got something thousand times better than the ’30 minutes or free’ and similar pizza chains, so it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I would definitely be back whenever I am in the area, 100% recommended :)

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