Thursday, 30 November 2017

Mandarin Oak Bandra Kurla Complex | Indian Chinese Affordable Feast | Food Review

A good option for Indo-Chinese lovers (like my sister), quite affordable considering quality as well as quality, we tried a couple of dishes from here at our office and it was delivered on time in amazing packaging. When we think of Indian Chinese food, we think of oil, spices, gravies, classics like manchurian and I would say this place serves pretty good version of what we all expect :)

We started with Steamed Veg Dumplings that were decent, they would be better if the outer covering was thinner and the stuffing was a bit crunchier or had exotic ingredients like water chestnuts. It was okay and the red dip given alongside was really good, but my sister is a dimsum fanatic and she wasn't a big fan of these,

Wok tossed Vegetable Dumplings in Kung Pao Sauce & Burnt Garlic Rice, now these were awesome :D The dumplings in mildly spicy sauce went really well with rice that felt like perfect fried rice with a little garlicky bite. Alongside was mildly sweet-ish Kimchi, really liked it too. A box of these is enough as lunch for 2 light eaters. 

Overall, quite good and with a little tweak here and there, it should be perfect :) 

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