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Go Fresh & Flavorful With Kaboom | Lower Parel Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

An extremely rainy evening saw our bloggers group scurry into the Lower Parel outlet of Kaboom to enjoy a tasting session of their new seasonal autumn menu, an enjoyable experience from the outset. The cool, fun vibe at the outlet (replete with a food truck set-up) mingles well with their philosophy of having delicious, different, global food everyday with the help of a rotating menu. The founder himself explained how he struggled in his search for good lunch options without going to full-fledged restaurants or ordering the same thing every day from neighbourhood delivery options. 

Refreshing Delicious Lemonade

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Kaboom fills a very real gap that every office goer would identify with. When we get bored of having the same pav bhaji or curries or dosas or even enchiladas and nachos, Kaboom comes to our rescue. Food that is freshly prepared with ingredients that are responsibly sourced, retaining a good chunk of their nutritional value and rustic taste. Their USP is that they plan their menu in accordance with what is available seasonally, not the other way around. This lends respect to the way nature functions which in turn is better for our own food habits and health in the long run :)

Kaboom Food Truck Casual Dining Mumbai India

We started with Beer Soup (without alcohol) which is basically mushroom based with quite a few veggies lending a wonderful texture, extremely warm and spicy. This would go well with the Caponata Salad which is an amalgamation of grilled eggplant, peppers, lettuce, salad leaves with a mild basil (home-made basil oil) dressing. Everything is home-made and prepared freshly so it tastes different and better.

Vegetarian Vegan Caponata Salad

Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian Beer Soup

For beverage lovers, Lemonade is a must-have with the refreshing lemon taste cutting through everything :) We couldn’t resist having 2 bottles of these (check out those cute bottles too!) Iced Tea was also extremely authentic and rustic, tea lovers will surely love it while Banana Smoothie was a bit tangy for me but others loved it so I suppose they can be given a try too :)


Among a new category of delicacies they are introducing is ‘Spuds and Duds’ with spud denoting a variety of potato based choices (fries/baked potatoes et al) and dud denoting a base of veggies (carrots,spinach et al). We tasted a Baked Potato with caramelized/Glazed Carrots, the potato being decent enough but the carrots being absolute award-winning! These carrots are cooked till they are coated with a layer of their own sweetness, no extra honey or sugar added. WOW is this :)

Vegetarian Vegan Delicious Gourmet Spinach & Cheese Lasagna

Vegetarian Sandwich India Recipe

Lunch Vegetarian Sandwich and Iced Tea

The unanimous favourites on our table were the Veg Pullmans Sandwich and Malfatti. This sandwich is unlike any other we have ever had anywhere. The breads are freshly baked everyday by the good folks behind The Table, Colaba and the strong gouda cheese used in this sandwich is specially imported from Kashmir. Oh, the whole experience of eating at Kaboom comes equipped with such fascinating quips about where they source all their products from :) So the sandwich is choc-a-bloc with fresh veggies, a layer of crazy good gouda and homemade pesto sauce. We all asked for extra and could have still had more. Our fellow non-veggie bloggers could not stop raving about their Chicken Sandwich either, one of them saying it was the best one she ever had! Needless to say, sandwiches are da bomb here :D Note that the veg one is not bursting with cheese and has a very distinct fresh crunch to it, again something that endears it more to me as I love dishes with natural fresh flavours.

Malfatti is a traditional Italian lasagne dish, made with spinach and cheese and Kaboom has nailed it! Creamy, flavourful, not at all heavy yet having that distinctive cheesy comfort with a crackling baked cheese crust on top, we dare anyone to stop eating this or share with anyone else. Non veggies have a chicken version of the same, but a birdie tells me that the veg version is better than anything else :P Look out for the Italian day when they put this up on the menu and gobble it all down before it gets over!

Vegetarian Vegan Healthy Banana Bread Dessert

Fresh, Flavorful and unique, Kaboom ticks all the right boxes. Sure, pricing is a bit premium but at par with everything else in this location and definitely worth it for the wholesome quality. Enough to keep us tantalized and make repeat visits. Go Kaboom :D


  1. Such a great restaurant. Surely will visit there.

    1. Please do, won't be disappointed for sure Vidya :)


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