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I have always been proud of being a 'Jack of all Trades', a monicker my favorite teacher gave me at school, and as if to prove her right, I grew up with academic degrees in business management, human rights, political studies and hobby studies of interior design, photography, psychology in my kitty. Recently I have enrolled in a sort of mentor programme to use my knowledge for helping young ones, a logical extension of the same would be a series of articles geared to provide succint overview of specific topics. Here is a little tips & tricks catalogue when it comes to writing Business Brochures!

5 Tips For Writing Business Brochures

Living in the internet age, a lot of businesses downplay the need for brochures and other printed literature. However, they are as crucial tools for any business today as they were half a century ago. Over-reliance on internet as the only source for marketing is not prudent. Also, people are still impacted by words. A business brochure is also an excellent way to reach people across demographics. Here are five tips for writing an excellent business brochure:-

Creativity Rules

Get creative in spreading the message. Business brochure for coffee can be designed to look like an espresso machine while a food processing company can create one shaped like a fruit. Pay attention to the texture used, be it glossy or matte, recycled or handmade paper. Give it a WOW factor so that people would want to own it and even share it with others. If the creative design, style, colour combination of the business brochure arrests the attention of the reader, half the battle is won.

Read The Reader

Once the reader gets past the cover page of the brochure, they need valuable information which is the second stage among the five tips for writing an excellent business brochure. Make sure to understand the psychological, personal and social needs of the reader. What are his/ her needs that this business’s product or service is going to fulfill? What are the exact benefits? A brochure for kids’ toys should extol the brain developing virtues of different games while a brochure for organic food must tell the reader why exactly they should switch from food pumped with chemicals to natural range. Clearly explain the tangible benefit to be gained from the product/ service. Use simple words to reach the masses and enhance the recall value by using easy-to-remember graphs or bullet points.

Get Personal

People love good stories. Weave a story that makes the reader feel bonded to the product or service. When talking about a new non-toxic paint, talk about pregnancy and how toxic paints affect the health of infants. When selling a chocolate, talk about their effect in aiding weight loss when eaten in moderation. Similarly, talk about family camping trips and smell of the forest in a brochure for furniture, explaining how it brings family together.

Everybody Loves Freebies

Give people what they expect from a brochure and then give them something extra. Vouchers, exclusive discounts codes, free bookmarks, stickers, posters– possibilities are endless. If nothing else, provide free tips and tutorials related to the business. A brochure for a teenage skin care product can provide a free sample or a full tutorial on how to create a prom party look at home.

Call To Action

None of the five tips for writing an excellent business brochure would mean anything if the reader is not motivated to take tangible action at the end of it. Make sure to mention the company’s name, address, website, social media handles and email throughout the brochure so that they may write back or mail a postcard. Inspire them to ask for a sample or visit the nearest business outlet for a free consultation. Introduce a contest or sweepstake for maximum participation.

Keeping in mind these five tips for writing an excellent business brochure, every business can create an outstanding impression.
5 Tips For Writing Business Brochures
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