Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wok This Way, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Bang opposite one of my most favorite places, High Street Phoenix & Palladium , a plethora of dining options have sprung up. Wok This Way is probably the newest entrant (or just the latest I have spotted :D) So just another evening,my sister ordered me to pick something up, to munch on while relaxing & watching our mandatory once-a-week rom-com to refresh ourselves :D Yeah,my sister and I do a lot of funny,crazy,little things. Feel free to get jealous y'alls :P

So we wanted to have something from Pan-Asian cuisine but not just the usual noodles or manchurians. Something delicious yet healthy was the deal ( or at least something pretending to be healthy :P). Just last month, while searching around for some great place to go to for my sister's birthday dinner, I had made a list of new places to try out and Wok This Way had caught my eye with their promise of fresh & healthy food which is affordable too. Their noodles are all hand made, their sauces are made from scratch without using MSG/Additives/Food Color. Even their Tofu is made fresh everyday. Whoa, I was salivating to try it out. So here we go.

It is a beautiful, small, cheery, artistic place. Next time I am going to visit here with loads of free time on my hands and probably indulge in some candid photography of the outlet :D The menu is quite simple, there is a dish of the month (it was Laksa recently), then there is Teppanyaki Grill (which is my must-try next time) and then make your own Woks! Choose a base of noodles/rice, then add 1-2 sauces as per taste (Schezwan for spicy, Hunan for spicy plus sweet and so on), then choose 5 toppings (wide variety beckons-mushroom, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, zucchini, corn, onions and so on), then add protein (Tofu, Paneer, Nutrela), finally add 2 condiments (fried peanuts, fried onions etc.) and voila-a beautiful medley is ready to be relished :)

We had Soba Noodles in my favorite Hunan sauce with Asparagus, Button Mushroom, Red & Yellow Pepper, Zucchini, Baby Corn, Kinu Tofu, Chives, Fried Peanuts and every morsel was delicious. Brilliant quantity of veggies just the way I love it, sauce was delicious,balancing sweet and spicy just perfectly and all the condiments went perfectly with that. Most importantly, I love Tofu WHEN it is well made. Otherwise it becomes a stinky mess. And Tofu here is just soft and melt-in-mouth, absolutely fresh,not at all carrying a stale or packaged flavor that a lot of places serve! Brilliant :) Just spent Rs. 250 and both of us finished it off in 10 minutes flat. It was perfect quantity for 1 person for dinner! The best part is the box they serve the wok in,opens up to turn into a plate, making it less messier to gobble it all up. Staff is very co-operative and they will suggest wok combinations in case you are confused, they knew I was in a hurry and I got everything perfectly packaged and ready to go in 10 minutes flat :)

Desserts section did look tempting with some beautiful pastries but I skipped it, we were already watching a sweet rom-com, there has to be a limit to how much sweetness a lady can handle in a day :P Beverages is a must-try as it has 100% Pure cold-pressed juices of Jus Divine. I have tried the Mix Fruit version and it really is only juice, nothing else. Some people might think it is a bit expensive at Rs. 150 (it is!) but then again, it is pure juice,no additives, no added sugar, preservatives,nothing else. For people who don't have time to make fresh batch of juice at home and do not want to compromise with their health, this is the best alternative. 

Overall, even for a quick evening snack, this turned out to be a pretty memorable place & experience. Raring to return soon ♥♥♥

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