Sunday 15 November 2015

High Street Phoenix Mills & Palladium, Perfect Chill-Out Destinations

Working in Lower Parel area comes with the perfect trade-off, I get to spend maximum time in nearby High Street Phoenix where some of my most favorite places reside :) Mad Over Donuts, Cream Centre, PVR, Palladium, Foodhall, Big Bazaar, Subway, Gelato Italiano, Forest Essentials, The Bombay Store, Lifetsyle, Pantaloons and so on and on :D The best part is that it is not just about shopping or eating or watching movies at High Street Phoenix but just being here is nothing less than a celebration most of the days. Every festival is celebrated here with exemplary decorations and events. There are contests, competitions, role plays, clown shows, kids' activities, music shows, fashion shows, matches being shown on big screen and so on, you get the drift! No matter what day or what time it is, spending a couple of hours merrily is something nobody can find impossible here :)

I was just browsing through my photographs archive and dug up some special events & decorations I have enjoyed here in past year alone! Starting from 2014 Christmas celebrations which started right from my birthday :)

 Yes, Palladium glitters like anything, wrapped like a big Christmas gift for us all :)

 Perfectly reasonable to lose oneself into these marvellous decorations, wouldn't you agree? :)

This was a beautiful #Ungender campaign by Elle, something different that did capture a lot of attention. I spent almost half an hour gazing at these just opposite PVR theatre :) I love that High Street Phoenix supports and encourages a lot of campaigns to make us think and change.

 Oh,this is my absolute favorite part :) I LOVE PVR Cinemas, my whole family does, and I come to PVR High Street Phoenix a few minutes early just to admire this beautiful elevator :D Choc-a-bloc with the most amazing movies of all time, I wish I could have a wall like this in my home :D

May the force be with us all :D Star Wars will release this December (Yay, my birthday gift) and this installation at PVR theatre a couple of months ago was simply mesmerizing :)

An installation just opposite PVR Theatre to celebrate the launch of Star Movies Select channel :) Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the most delightful movies I have ever seen and this just brought the wonderful spirit out in full force!

The piece de resistance of this entire show! This installation by Swarovski during the Diwali festive celebration simply stole everyone's hearts :) So much of beauty, delicacy, elegance and creativity! Where else indeed!

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