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Relish-International Veg Cuisine, Churchgate, Mumbai

Are you a foodie?
Then, Relish at Churchgate, Mumbai has to be one of your favorite places.

Add to that being a Vegetarian or a Jain or a lover of cheese or a hater of diets.
Then, Relish at Churchgate, Mumbai is your heaven just like it is for me :D

I was introduced to this heaven when I was in college by another foodie friend who was a hardcore non-vegetarian and I have very few such people in my close friends' circle (it is just a co-incidence,I have nothing against non-vegetarians :P). What happened was we worked together on many projects and were almost attached at the hip for 2 years straight,so obviously, we spent a lot of time together and we were both foodies and she a non-veggie while me a veggie so we were always scouting the best places where we would both get something for our liking OR a great veggie place where she won't miss non-veg stuff :D Relish is what makes you fall in love with it and even hardcore non-vegetarians keep coming back for more!

I must have been here about 50 times over the past decade with my family and it is our ultimate go-to place! If we are in Churchgate or Fort area, we usually end up here. If we have any small occasion to celebrate (Eg-Yay, today is the 3rd week anniversary of me buying that grey trouser!) then we end up here :D You get the drift :P I love to explore new places but Relish is one place I end up having a hearty meal at,atleast 4 times a year :D

Now it says, International Veg Cuisine & the menu has Italian, Mexican, American, Lebanese dishes. But no need to do any heavy duty research on anything. Pick ANYTHING from the menu and it is going to be GREAT! Trust me. Also everything will be loaded in cheese/ gravy/ sauce/ a mix of all i.e. loaded in calories, so this is NOT the place to be if you have dieting in mind :P You CAN order a salad but honestly,coming here to have a salad??? I don't even know how to react to that :D But then again, I don't expect anyone other than a hardcore foodie is reading this :D So, start with Minestrone soup, it is going to be hot,a bit fiery, filling (if you are a light eater :D), flavorsome and yumm :D

Nachos, American Cheese Balls, Onion Rings are excellent choices for appetizer, as is the brilliant Paneer Chilli Fingers which I never want to share with anyone else :D Look at that Paneer, it is so soft *Drooling*

Oh,and when they say Chilli, they really mean Chilli :D It IS Fiery :D

If you are even 10% as much in love with pasta as I am, then you must be searching for the perfect lasagna, not easy to perfect. Now imagine having an Italian grandmother making it for you! Can you see her smothering you in layers of pasta sheets loaded with cheese and baked vegetables and it all melting into a medley of something so delicious that words falls short? Oh, here is that very same lasagna! Veg. Lasagna at Relish has spoiled me so much, I don't even order it anywhere else.

And now the dish everyone wants to marry :D Yup, THE FAMOUS SIZZLERS! I know there are many places that do sizzlers and most of them do a good job, but the ones here are beyond comparison. For starters, they do not have that annoying burnt cabbage leaf at the bottom. Don't know about you, but it grates on my nerves. And every element here is perfectly baked. AND you can personalize it! You can ask for rice or noodles, American fries or baked potatoes, Mushroom sauce or BBQ Sauce and so on! My favorite combination is Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak or Corn Kabab with Mexican Rice, Mash potatoes, Buttered vegetables in BBQ sauce. It simply warms us up. For me,it is perfect definition of high-calorie comfort food :D 

There are umpteen choices of different pizzas, pastas and oh,the fondue to try here! I told you, pick any dish off the menu and you will never forget the taste :) I have been going for a decade and I have tried 80% of the menu :D Some dishes are so amazing,I could not even take a photo before finishing it off :D

 When it comes to the desserts, rest assured that you are getting Masterchef worthy dishes since they come from the same kitchen that makes cakes/ pastries/ chocolates etc. for the neighboring 210 degrees which demands another post of its own :D If you love chocolates (and come on, who doesn't :P) then go for Chocomania which gives you 7 chocolate suprises on a platter :D Ice cream, Brownie, Pastry, Mousse..Dig in, Thank me later!

*Heaven* *No words needed* *Drooling* *Wiping it off the keyboard* *Drooling again* 

So yeah, that was a good enough glimpse through the awesomeness of Relish, right? :D Remember, pick anything off the menu. One Nachos, One Sizzler and One Chocomania would fill up 2 hearty eaters to the brim :D So would One Fondue and One Pasta! And so on, the combinations are unlimited. Price would be around 1200-1600 for 2 people and I am talking real foodies here! I am off soon, join me there, won't you? :D

Relish - International Veg Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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