Saturday, 31 October 2015

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub Review

This is turning into a scrub-fest :D Actually, I just delved into my long lost collection and this bunch is all about some amazing (and some not so amazing :P) scrubs I used :D This is one of the earliest ones I used, right after Everyuth (whose pictures I still have to dig up!)

Himalaya is one brand that even my parents have used, of course, at that time (when dinosaurs roamed the earth :P) it was only involved in Ayurvedic medicines but with Himalaya Herbals, they have brought the beauty of Ayurveda into our homes! This is actually one brand I haven't been disappointed with yet and have used for quite some time, on & off :)

We all need good scrubs to scrub off not only old dead skin cells but also all the pollution & dirt that enters our pores everyday (especially in a city like Mumbai where you cannot even see stars anymore thanks to pollution!)

Claims of this brilliant product are quite straight-forward,something I have noticed about almost all Himalaya Herbals products. There are no miracles promised. It claims to exfoliate dead skin, remove impurities & hydrate skin- just perfect :D Ingredients include walnut shell granules, wheatgerm oil and crab apple and they give a beautiful fragrance together :) Packaging is quite good & hygienic in this tube and over the years,I have travelled with them too, they are very sturdy and travel friendly. Quantity is perfect value for money as a little is needed and it lasts at least 3 weeks even on using twice a week. I have bought it from Big Bazaar or Flipkart or even Amazon for just about Rs. 115-120 for 100 gms.

It has a nice texture that is neither too thick nor too runny, just moisten the face and apply it all over. The granules are not very hard and even on my sensitive skin,they have never scratched or left behind red rashes! That's very rare & important for me. It does remove impurities, freshens face, the amazing fragrance lingers on for some time. But it does not do anything for blackheads or whiteheads and does no miracles, which is okay since it does not claim any miracles either! It is actually a perfect scrub, gentle enough for sensitive skin too, I have in fact used it almost everyday back when I went to college since there was too much pollution that used to dull my skin everyday and this really kept me fresh and I never had any breakouts or allergies

  • Value for money, lasts a long time!
  • Does everything it claims :)
  • Exfoliates without irritating even ultra-sensitive skin like mine
  • Removes impurities, does not leave skin dry, moisturizes and smoothens
  • Pleasing fragrance
  • Trusted name, pure Ayurvedic product
  • Easily available offline as well as online on Flipkart, Amazon etc.
  • Not much effect on blackheads/whiteheads, so for people with very problematic skin, they should use something else-and anyway, such problematic skin gets worse with scrubs anyway :D
  • Nothing else, it is just all around great scrub :)

RECOMMENDED- YES. One of the best, value for money, great all-around scrubs that does what it says! Rating is 4.25/5 :)

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