Friday, 25 September 2015

TBC by Nature Aloepapaya Fairness & Tan Removal Scrub

On my quest to try new scrubs that could buff my skin and protect it from the onslaught of all the dirt and pollution of this big city life, I stumble upon some not-so-famous brands that turn out to be complete winners! This is one of them :)

After my Biotique Papaya Scrub got over, I was looking forward to something as gritty and hard-buffing for my body,found this at Flipkart for Rs. 375 for 400 grams. The only problem is,I had no idea what is this ‘TBC by Nature’ company? Never heard of it,cannot get any details on the net also,no other beauty bloggers have reviewed them either. Anyway, I decided to take a risk this time :D

Comes in a big tub that is perfectly travel friendly too. Quantity is perfect to last a month even on using it all over body twice a week. Claims include exfoliating deeply and brightening skin with regular usage, and it is perfect for all skin types. Ingredients list has some chemicals along with Walnut Shell Powder, Liquid Paraffin oil, Glycerine, Zinc Oxide, Papaya seed oil, Aloe extract. I was not exactly happy to see the chemicals but then,this much is there is almost every product,so what to do :D

While it says to use on face,I used it only on my body since my face has become extremely sensitive in past 2 years and gets angry red pimples on using most of the products. So I am searching for perfect gentle alternatives. My body on the other hand is so dry and has thick skin so those need different products than my face :D This scrub has loads of tough granules (walnut shell powder I think!) to perfectly exfoliate my body. The fragrance is little chemical-y but just like any other standard scrub found nowadays,nothing bad. The best thing is-It really does brighten up the skin by removing dead skin nicely, exfoliates deeply and takes out all dirt hidden in every pore, leaves skin soft and moisturized. Even my ankles and elbows (the difficult areas which easily get dark and scaly) became soft on using it. Overall, love it to the core :)

  • Claims are correct, does everything its says
  • Does not lead to ‘fairness’ but brightens skin immediately. In India we always confuse ‘brightening’ with ‘whitening’ and that is what these brands do too :P
  • I did not have horrible tan to remove in the first place but whatever little I had,this took care of it within a month *yay*
  • Perfect for whole body scrub and exfoliation
  • Quantity is huge, complete value for money

  • I would not suggest anyone to use it on face, especially sensitive skin. It will be tough on delicate facial skin and will definitely lead to pimples/ breakouts/ scratches/ rashes –unless you have facial skin as tough as a hippopotamus’s skin. Use it on body and thank me later :D
  • No idea about the company, but I don’t care since the product is so amazing :D
  • Availability could be an issue. Get it on Flipkart or Amazon.

RECOMMENDED-YES! My rating is 4.5 on 5 and I am definitely buying it again,once I get bored of whatever I am using right now :P It is a repeat purchase for sure.

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